NIXX: ‘Go Somewhere’ feat. Alli McLaren – so aurally delicious!

NIXX is a music producer from Melbourne, Australia. Her big break in the music industry was in 2015 when she was one of the 80 people selected (out of thousands) to perform in the DJ competition ‘Your Shot’. Since then her career has sky-rocketed, she has released the song ‘Go Somewhere’ and is currently working on her new album and preparing for her world tour in 2017. Alli McLaren the featured singer on the track started off her career acting in films including: The Return of Greta, Infidelity, Regression and My Year of Silence. This is Alli’s second song release, her first one being ‘Fight for Us’ released in April 2016.

NIXX has all the potential getting herself entrenched in the upper echelons of a notoriously fickle and finicky EDM industry. Even though there are a lot of factors at play here, not least of which are a crack marketing team, a label which is fully behind you, and the fans who continue to buy release after release for personal consumption and ticket after ticket attending live shows and parties. Things NIXX can hardly be directly responsible for.

Where she has the partial responsibility of her continued success though, is her propensity for keeping perfectly neck-and-neck with the sounds in her realm of electronic music. When the waves of new-school producers flood the gates every week she needs to ride right at the crest, soaring above the other names to distinguish herself from the pack.

So while the big-room pop-choruses take root, all over the dance-floors and radio charts, NIXX break away and keeps to her own lane: ‘Go Somewhere’ is so good largely because it melds the best of the EDM euphoria with the best of sweet Pop styled verses, without the big-room choruses!

It’s precisely because of her close cleaving to staying ahead of contemporary standards that ‘Go Somewhere’ is as exhilarating as it is. While electronic music on the whole remains as lively and forward-thinking as ever, the much narrower mainstream EDM market is hitting one of its driest spells in recorded memory.

Everyone is copying everyone else’s template. This is reflected on almost all the Top40 charts where crossover EDM/Pop tracks have gotten a strong foothold. NIXX only borrows the idea of the female vocals, the rest is her own invention. ‘Go Somewhere’ rides on a smooth, almost Caribbean Island beat, which she injects with plenty of cool melody and gentle breakdowns.

There are no clichéd anthemic choruses, four-to-the-floor rhythms, soggy pianos and twanging synth leads that are so prevalent today, instead NIXX uses crystalized and pristine sounds that are matched by Alli’s alluring melodic vocals. The result is an uplifting musical tone, which contrasts some rather sad lyrics. And it’s that bitter-sweetness that makes ‘Go Somewhere’ so aurally delicious!

OFFICIAL LINKS: SPOTIFYITUNES – INSTAGRAM: @nicandalli @allimclaren @nic_jnr

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