Savannah Philyaw: “Love Remains” warm, alive, and soothing

It’s not easy to find really excellent singer-songwriters, but in San Diego Savannah Philyaw the talent has been found as she’s an amazing artist. Her arrangements are kept simple and the words flow smoothly. Sometimes Savannah’s voice may remind us of Carly Simon and the California sunshine. Savannah Philyaw recently released her single “Love Remains” – a heartwarming track about finding friends, losing them and then maybe finding them again. You can enjoy it in the car, by a fire, in the shower or simply while you are relaxing. It is sure to lift your spirits.

Co-written with Michael Natter and Nancy Natter, “Love Remains” is warm, alive, soothing, and from the heart, as it is picked on an acoustic and backed up by strings and smooth pads. With Savannah’s back to basics approach to songwriting, it is an enjoyable respite from other genres of music that tend to be overproduced.

And with that in mind, this single is one of those tracks that can be played anytime more than once and one that you simply cannot help but want to come back to.

I’m amazed at the depth of the feelings and passion a young artist like Savannah Philyaw transmits to the listener. The songwriting is so clever and eclipsed only by the timbre of her voice while freely sharing of herself. Anytime a new female artist comes out there’s a certain amount of suspicion involved.

“Where’s the gimmick?” Is she hot, does she have a powerful voice, is she insanely weird? The most refreshing part about Savannah is that she’s just genuinely creative and talented and that’s translated very well on “Love Remains”.

New female artists that we actually get to hear are always welcome, especially when they are this talented. This song places Savannah Philyaw away from the group of gimmicky female artists who sing other peoples songs for their supper and places her into the company of the actual female singer-songwriters who make art and music.

Savannah sings beautifully on this track, never under- or over-singing. Soundly produced, there is ample space with nothing crammed in. Get over any preconceived notions you might have with this one; it’s worth your time.

MORE ABOUT: Savannah Philyaw is a young singer, songwriter, and performer from San Diego. Writing a blend of indie pop, folk, Americana, and country style songs, Savannah has recently completed a collection of songs for Warner Bros TV Productions. After releasing 3 EPs over the past 4 years, Savannah is working on her first full length CD for release in the Fall of 2017.

Since beginning her music career at age 15, she has shared the stage with many acts such as Howie Day, Tyler Hilton, Bethany Joy Lenz, Kate Voegele, Max Frost, Tronye Wells and Lee DeWyze. She has co-written with San Diego’s Calman Hart and Multi-Platinum Songwriter Michael Natter. Savannah quotes, “Music is not what I do, it’s who I am”.


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