Elmont: “Home” – a finely crafted and polished song!

Elmont is a new, four-piece Alternative band from North Dallas. Their self-produced debut single, “Home” was recorded at War Room Studio and Mastered by Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX. The band started working on their first EP at Fifty 50 Studios in Dallas, TX on January 11th. The debut EP is set to drop spring of 2017. The electrifying single could easily become a radio hit with its addictive melody and arrangement. The band takes direct aim at contemporary American culture and pathos and delivers a sound that is surprisingly real, current, and can one say gritty without being anachronistic.

“Home” is poignant, emotional, always reeling with hope and a free-wheeling desire. It is a uniquely American sound, feeling, and vibe being nostalgic and melancholic yet optimistic, tame yet wild.  The music is captivating and fresh, the lyrics are brilliant and touching.

The track is a finely crafted and polished mix of sweet memories and real life. It is one of those songs that will really imprint itself onto your brain. With their smooth sound and a strong emphasis on the arrangement, infused with both acoustic and electric instruments, it’s clear that Elmont is aiming to appeal to wide audience, both nationally and internationally.

You’ll be transported to places and feelings, and think of people, you know and sadly have forgotten…or maybe they have forgotten you! That sort of evocative quality is what most people look for in music.  The vocals pulls you right in from the start and doesn’t let go till the end.

Fans might also be surprised by how personal and moving the track is.  Lyrically they play with the concept of nostalgia, while not willing to give in to the idea that some things belong in the past or have changed in a negative way. Very seldom do we get a group of guys that come together and make good organic sounding music like this anymore.

Elmont’s songwriting is nothing less than beautiful, and this track is a testament to that. Instead of empty headed pop music, Elmont performs an intelligent but accessible composition that makes you think about what message they are trying convey through the words in the song.

The instrumentation, mellow but intense with emphatic percussion and powerful strings, sets the mood and the lyrics are expressed with feeling and emotion. The chord progressions are also smooth and uplifting, as is the melody and the vocal harmonies.

In the end, this single exceeded my expectations, as I wasn’t familiar with the group until I heard this track. Overall, “Home” is a delightful debut from a group that cannot be easily pigeonholed, and is definitely worth paying attention to.


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