Mac & M-Status: “No Strings Attached” fuses all that’s good about crossover appeal

Hailing from San Fernando Valley, Mac shows his diversity with this R&B joint venture with M-Status. Mac brings his Mission City Music and teams up with One Life Entertainment Music Group for his first studio release EP, entitled “No Strings Attached”. Collaboration recordings are incredibly difficult to put together perfectly, and the last few Rap infused collab albums that had a fair amount of success were Wu Block (Ghostface, Raekwon, Lox, 2012), Bad Meets Evil:  Hell The Sequel (Royce Da 5’9″ & Eminem, 2011) and Faceoff (Bow Wow & Omarion, 2007), all which go back a few years.

It’s easy to understand why these projects are so rare. Even with the chemistry and history of two great artists, it is often difficult to keep a balance between the singing and the rapping that will satisfy fans of either styles, as well as allowing both artists to shine equally.

Mac and M-Status, on the other hand, pull the job off rather well. Mac brings the flow and M-Status supplies the groove, to forge 8 smooth as velvet tracks. The result is a decisive mix of upbeat club bangers and tailored chill ballads that complement both the rapper and vocalist’s modern sound.

The two have basically given fans of Hip-hop and RnB, exactly what they wanted. They fuse all that’s good about crossover appeal, with all the class, presence, street feel and strength of a cutting edge major label album.

The album opens with the smooth and mellow, almost jazzy, title track, “No Strings Attached Intro” which sets the introductory tone for what’s to come. And what’s to come, arrives quickly in the shape of the uplifting, edgy, “Don’t Leave Me Hanging”, a strong and positive way to continue the proceedings. “Is It Coo” has that slow burning feel that that you can chill too.

A real breathtaking and melodic radio masterpiece, “Sweet Tooth” that shows why this EP is set for bigger things. Mac’s deep gravelly tones easily remind one of Jadakiss back in his heyday, while M-Status is dropping harmonies all over the sexy track. “Waxed” is a serious head-nodder with real substance and a growling bass line.

Moving forward this EP continues to express who Mac and M-Status truly are from a creative and artistic standpoint. It supplies sharp rhymes and lusciously soulful vocals throughout the songs, together with a certified maturity which can be heard on the final 3 tracks, “Someone Else”, “O.M.W” and “No More”.

There is something about Mac’s syllables and M-Status’ sweet sing-song crooning on these tracks that just makes me play it over and over with my headset on. How often have put on an EP or album, and been able to play it front to back without once hitting the skip button? “No Strings Attached” is one of those rare occasions.

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