César Khash: “Sauced Up” (feat. Malik) – a perfectly assembled trap beat!

César Khash is a 20 year old artist from Belgium, who has been working his grind for a few years finding his sound. Khash has just dropped his banger single entitled “Sauced Up” (feat. Malik) and produced by WZRD. The redeeming qualities of this single is its spacy trap instrumental, as well as César Khash’s Auto-tuned, bass-heavy electronic sound. The production by WZRD is as good as ever and the vocals are above par to the point of almost sounding like they were passed through a vocoder similar to that also executed by artists like Future and Young Thug.

“Sauced Up” (feat. Malik) also features a surprisingly catchy hook and the extremely popular moody vocal sound. César Khash managed to put out a concise, diverse track with raw emotion at its forefront.

While some may not appreciate the Auto-Tune drenched raps, I am actually a fan of how the effects alter Khash’s voice to paint a picture, whether it’s boisterous braggadocio or pure inebriation, and it helps him brings about his own style and sound to hip-hop.

The first thing to notice on “Sauced Up” (feat. Malik), is the atmosphere it lives in. It is filled with eerie synths and left-field dark-trap production, giving the track a haunting vibe. César Khash adds to it by either layering his voice or giving it the effect that encapsulates his style perfectly.

Khash’s avant-trap is energetic and intense – all style and substance – as he delivers his verses bristling with emotion and effect, allowing the Auto-tune to turn and twist the most exciting parts.

While the lyrics are relatable and direct, the production is anything but. WZRD takes the soundscape and shoots it into the stratosphere; if you choose to partake in what the song suggests you do, it is bound to make you feel some type of way. Together with César Khash and Malik they create a real street and club track with smart verses over a perfectly assembled trap beat.


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