SaeMonae: “Dirty PolitiKKKs” – a verbose, hyper-articulate rapper!

Seattle ‘raptivist’, SaeMonae is all about connecting with listeners through gritty and organic production aesthetics, as well as thought-provoking lyricism. A street poet promoted out of the modern American ‘war zone’, she is fearless in his scope, both lyrically and sonically. Highly aware that the state of American discrimination, exploitation and oppression is still heartbreakingly unresolved 150 years after emancipation, SaeMonae attacks the system from all ends, leaving no stone unturned, in her single “Dirty PolitiKKKs”.

This is a dense, intricate mesh of a free-flowing soundscape, and a cut-up of old school hip hop with a verbose, hyper-articulate rapper switching up styles and tempos to address contemporary issues in a poetic narrative built around a heavy, aching heart – “…don’t be afraid to question what they doin’. Its America baby, we the home of the ruin” – but not quite a broken soul yet – “…peace and love, and happiness, is my influence”.

SaeMonae raps with the hipster flow of a observant poet against cascading horns, evoking Afro-American consciousness. The sense of this track is vividly contemporary, with its musical strands tied together to create a metaphorical journey evoking the challenges facing black Americans from a myriad of perspectives.

“Dirty PolitiKKKs” is a personal, self-reflective track which interweaves social activism, cultural politics, and racial or ethnic identity into literary relevance and representation. The track is a new experience in a world of mediocre hip-hop.

Technical lyricism, musical creativity, substance, and a depth that promotes a high replay value – everything you could possibly want in a hip hop track is loaded into this song. SaeMonae manages to mix all these ingredients into this beautiful piece of work. She also does a masterful job of displaying her abilities as a rapper, MC, and poet.

This track accomplishes all of this with no sonic sacrifices whatsoever. It becomes very quickly apparent that “Dirty PolitiKKKs” stands out quite separately from the vast majority of hip-hop releases of our time –it is not about ‘the beat’, or ‘the hook’, but rather about ‘the message’.

The very reason the forefathers of this genre got it all started in the first place, taking it splendidly all the way through the eighties and nineties, until some ass invented Autotune!


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