Mr Lewis – “N.Y.S” (The Love Theme Remix)

Some months back we reviewed the single N.Y.S b y Mr.Lewis – a combination of bouncy rough-edged punk rhythms, and crunchy guitars with in your face lyrics and anthemic chanting. A typical Sex Pistols styled punk-rocker with a serious New York twist. So how do you turn all that adrenaline pumping dissonance into an urban tinged street anthem? Well, you call in producer Dominic Owen, or rather The Love Theme as he is named in some of his endeavors. In fact the official title of this release would be Mr Lewis – “N.Y.S” (The Love Theme Remix).

So originally emerging out of New York City’s hardcore punk scene in the early ’80s this music style crossed paths with Mr.Lewis in 2016 and now meets up with The Love Theme in 2017. And the evolution has been all-embracing, as Owen changes the original soundscape by fusing high-speed hip-hop, funk, soul and electronic flavors with punk-rock.

The result is a raucous ongoing groove that leans heavily on its deep, rolling bass lines and incessant percussion. This is not just another snob remix appropriating different styles to show off how far boundaries in genre can be pushed.

In actuality, Dominic Owen aka The Love Theme is one of the most innovative, audacious and brilliant underground producers on the scene, who is capable of incorporating just about any sound into any style. Here he fades the lead vocal further into the mix and also dilutes the obnoxious electric guitar into ‘sweeter’ reverb.

He then cranks up the bass and infuses various effects and samples here and there. Owen finally drives the entire arrangement through engagingly nostalgic and poignant moments, making it a most intriguing effort.

“N.Y.S” (The Love Theme Remix), is a hefty offering that flutters and bounces, with a sprightly fresh arrangement and a snappy beat. So without revolutionizing the original mix, The Love Theme turns an alt-rocker into a super-cool hybrid urban aesthetic.

The creative freedom allowed, let’s Owen really stretch out and explore fresh territory, and what he finds is vibrant sonics, a magnetic rhythm and a surprising amount of heart and soul. It’s simultaneously The Love Theme’s most diverse track and most thoughtful remix, an unexpected dichotomy that will keep me coming back to it.

“N.Y.S” (The Love Theme Remix) will sweep you into an inevitable frenzy from when the first bar sets itself into motion. The retro-styled video available on YouTube, also adds more authentic flame to the already creative fire.

The remix takes the original song on a new Funk inspired journey with the video reflecting the songs gritty, energetic feel, based on Blaxploitation and Home movies from New York in the 1970s & 1980s. The new Love Theme album will be coming in May 2017.



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