Lockjaw Smile: “Three Headed Monster” – The band’s musicality shines!

Lockjaw Smile is an Alternative Rock band from North of Boston, Massachusetts, who have switched from being a four piece into a power trio creating hard hitting guitar riffs perfectly entwined with the backbone drumming and grooving bass lines. The band currently consists of Tony Thanos (Guitar/Vox), Bill Douty (Bass/Vox), and Scott Flaherty (Drums). The band is releasing the “Three Headed Monster” EP on April, 1st 2017. Purchase the EP pre-release now and get the lead single “Coma Kiss” immediately!

The band’s musicality shines far greater than ever, even when blended together into a 3-piece psychedelic soup. Tony Thanos has perfected his steel string work, drummer Scott Flaherty has strengthened his grip on sticks, and Bill Douty is determined to make bass line love to each and every harmony available. “Three Headed Monster” is Lockjaw Smile’s best-recorded collection of songs so far, as well as their biggest step up the alternative rock ladder.

The songs on this EP present the sound of Lockjaw Smile growing up and building on the foundations they laid with “The Jester”. They have found a reliable residence in this recording, for their muscular guitar riffs, melodic hooks, and an easily digestible delivery that’s blanketed in familiarity.

Right from the EP’s single “Coma Kiss”, the band shows how they have also progressed immensely in terms of lyrics, likely due to the process of just writing as themselves instead of trying to project an image. “Full Blown” for me, really gets closer to the heart of who the band is and where they’re going, clearly pushing their music farther than before.

“How Would I Be” is the next track up, in my personal listening order, and starts with a nice rolling bass sequence, and is melodic and exhilarating all the way through.

“Vampire” is contemporarily indie at its root, which proves how Lockjaw Smile inspires their fresh, rhythmic, yet definitively loud sounds. However, the bands skillful harmonies and exploration of powerful lead vocals mark how they are ultimately a unique contemporary alternative band.

Strangely enough, as a three-piece band, the searing, explosive delivery that their fans became accustomed to has been heavily ignited with aviation fuel. Their bold, left-field sonics have been further amplified, so that this album has a very distinct sound and seems to be progressing forward.

This is an alternative rock group not to be passed over. Their musicianship and arrangements are superb. While still maintaining a slight defiance, they remain poetic and sharp and that’s a tough line to follow.

Lockjaw Smile has tight, quality drumming, kickass bass lines, and guitar work for days. And they have achieved a level of greatness in my mind by doing merely one thing; putting out one of the rawest, most straightforward, hook-laden indie alternative rock records of the year.

This is a confident, eclectic rock record with heaps of personality and charm. It smacks of a band who having finally found their identity, are starting to explore new territory with remarkable confidence. If there is any justice, “Three Headed Monster” will be waking the masses up, but popularity is a stubborn beast, so let me be blunt – you really have no excuse not to check this record out. Let this band surprise you.


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