Cybin Grey: “The Finale” – You’ll love the chemistry that this track crystallizes

Cybin Grey has a Bachelor’s in Music Comp. A classical guitarist by trade, he says he is trying to help bridge the gap between rock and electronic music, and his track, , plays testimony to his claim. This is an absolutely stunning, compelling, and riveting track. It’s deeply ensconced metaphors and overall dreamy lyrics are on the surface, easy to interpret. The track is layered: synth on synth on top of drums and guitars and clarifying harmonies.

It’s not necessarily something that permeates the radio. However, it does mesh well with a certain type of music fan. This particular music fan is somebody that enjoys contrast, deep lows and soaring highs. This music fan enjoys the unique, the sublime, even the surreal.

This track, sometimes takes on an ethereal tone blended in with an epic rock theme, something you’d expect The Muse to do. This music lover listens once, twice, three times, and falls in love harder each time.

You’ll love the chemistry that this track crystallizes. Recorded in the perfect moment, this track represents the search for love and strength. It is the building of connection, the connection with hope, and the hope for a better, deeper outcome of friendship.

Cybin Grey’s formula for music creation is loveable and unique, and this track should garner the attention owed to the artist since he is bristling with innovation. He has an indie sounding rock vibe but just as you expect the weird, he hits you with the classic electronic sound that we all love.

Grey’s voice is very rich and emotionally moving and the tune is what usually brings me in, but it’s the words that cement my relationship with an artist, and Grey has lyrics that are, for lack of a better term, edible. The thing I love about “The Finale” and Cybin Grey in general is that he uses modern producing techniques. Yet at the same time, he doesn’t let it take over the song.

The music is still about the melody and lyrics. You don’t even think about the production. I’m not a fan of what typically gets called pop or rock these days. The music is generally repetitive without significance, and the lyrics are inane. But at least one artist, Cybin Grey, finds a way to blend clever and insightful words with a driving and thumping rhythm by going his own way.


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