ADAMANT: “More Than Life” – Plenty of positive goodness!

Earl Adamant Allen better known as ADAMANT, was born and raised in Hammond Indiana. He enjoys making music and writing poetry, as well as working with kids in a treatment center. “Being able to make a difference in someone’s life,” says ADAMANT, “is an amazing feeling.” He courageously brings the vintage R&B premise of swooning and honoring your lady into the hedonistic and misogynous rap and hip hop environment, as if he was taking a Saturday afternoon stroll down to the local drugstore.

Cool and collected, on his latest track “More Than Life”, ADAMANT not only shows that can spit with the best of them. But that his message is on a whole new level. And this may be the very territory in which he needs to venture in, as it is virgin, untapped ground in the genre. So let us hold our champagne-filled glasses to positive and inspiring hip hop, in the very hope that he does.


If you’re thinking: “Why all the fuss?” You’re probably still stuck somewhere in the dark alleys of clichéd rap, where cussing and hating is the name of the game.

ADAMANT is carving out his own lane, and though he may seem like a fish swimming upstream right now considering the current state of mainstream hip hop and the songs that are gaining popularity, the impression is that the man has got a reason and a will. Those two potent human traits added to his artistic skillset and a luscious beat production should get him where he wants to go – upstream or not!

ADAMANT mixes the classic with the modern. He has got a warm piano driven production and a sweetly sung hook, which he sprinkles with just enough positive goodness to be a favorite with the ladies. He has a deep rich voice and a smooth relaxed flow which he brings to the table in support of his positive, uplifting rhymes.

Following the hankerings of hip hop – money, power and respect are the keys to life, and most men seem to die trying to get that set of keys. We know that money is the easy part; it can be earned, or stolen, or just lucked into. Power can simply be taken, by force if necessary.

But respect, that’s a whole different ballgame – respect can only be given. That’s why it’s such a rare commodity, because you have to earn it in the eyes of someone else. And that’s what ADAMANT has achieved here on “More Than Life”, with his positive demeanor.



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