Nahj: “Do You” – a swoon-worthy track that’s real and relevant!

Nahj is a 25 year old rap artist out of Trenton, New Jersey, who started taking music seriously at the age of 16. He has been working his grind ever since – perfecting his craft as well as building his brand and fan-base. On the 14th of February Nahj released his latest single, entitled  – obviously dedicated to the ladies. The track is an introduction to his full skill set, as he strings together some interesting cadences, with his flows slipping into the melting piano riffs. It’s an intoxicating brew of atmosphere-warping R&B and hip-hop zip.

The longer “Do You” runs, the more it unravels. It’s an ambitious project that attempts to shoot a movie and remember that it’s a single in the process, but Nahj pulls it off by making an epic crossover love-ballad that is as visual as it is virtual. But then it comes as no surprise considering Nahj has been honing his craft for close to a decade now.

At times on this track, Nahj can sound like Future or Tory Lanez and even Drake, as he blends multiple styles of music including R&B and trap-sounding hip-hop into his own personal dexterity. He proves that he can hang with many of today’s rappers.

What makes also makes “Do You” stand out from other songs is the excellent production. Lush and smooth, with just the right pauses and build-ups, the soundscape adds interesting and atmospheric dynamics to the song. It is the perfect canvas for Nahj to paint his lyrical imagery on.

The swoon-worthy “Do You” is clearly a new track that’s real and relevant. He raps from heart and anyone who has suffered relationship problems but have that hint or trace of wanting to repair it, Nahj will sing to your soul.

The impression is that Nahj simply will not be stopped. This is quality music. This is real music. Nahj is talented in many different facets of his music, and this track shows every single one of them. I can see him being a music junky, which is always a good attribute for any artist to have.

And that vast input is probably what makes “Do You” work on a number of levels. It’s early days yet, and Nahj certainly isn’t ready to be crowned king, but he’s already proving himself as one of the likely heirs.


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