Shroombab: “Smart Lies, Spooky Spies” is strong and well-crafted!

Shroombab, DJ, producer and founder of High Tension Recordings, has been working her craft for over 16 years. She creates her own music and dabbles in anything between Drum&Bass and Dubstep. She’s had gigs in over 28 countries all over the world and several record releases on quality labels. The Austrian born artist has set up her own Drum&Bass nightclub called “Bass Land” (with MC Terra), her own label “High Tension Recordings” and founded the “Junglistic Sistaz” – fa successful girls duo with MC Terra, later a database for women. Last time around we caught up with her “We Killed Privacy Remix LP” release ft. Kitsune. The theme of the recording was set around the end of privacy caused through our behavior within the internet and the usage of technical gadgets like smartphones that we carry around all the time.

Clearly her fascination with things technological is still on a high as on her brand new release, “Smart Lies, Spooky Spies” (feat. MC Rome), Shroombab talks about the technological changes taking place in our homes. Her cohesive fusion of dubstep, electro and Drum&Bass is renowned, but this track takes this genre-bending concept and shoots it with steroids. Make no mistake “Smart Lies, Spooky Spies” is a cohesive sonic journey, but prepare for some major whiplash ahead.

This track’s brash wobbles and ever-changing pace is not to be ignored—the complete opposite of background music. It commands your attention with a raw build-up and barraging breakdown that leaves listeners feeling used and abused in the best way possible.

The indelible swagger of “Smart Lies, Spooky Spies” brings in warped spoken female vocals which is what carries the narrative. The track is in constant motion, starting out sparse and evolving into a throbbing, sweaty Drum&Bass dominated cut.

The electronic sound of the modern age is possibly the most confusing scene to enter into. On the one hand you have the artists who accept its chart driven limitations, they make a song, make sure it’s a banger, cash the cheque and bow out.

Some make their career on singles that follow the same repetitive pattern and get away with it but in essence there are very few EDM, electronic or dubstep artists remaining who are able to coherently create a body of music.

This is one of the many reasons why Austrian producer Shroombab is such a competent artist. In a genre where it is more than easy to lose any distinction in your sound, she is able to swim very much against the current. “Smart Lies, Spooky Spies” is strong and well-crafted; a bouncing synth ridden kaleidoscope of pulsating electronica that threatens to hit the realms of heavy but pulls back at the last minute.


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