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Russell Lee’s expressive personality lets him create and put out great sounds!

I enjoy listening to Russell Lee, because he makes great country music that isn’t too twangy, but also isn’t crappy pop. His songs are well written and have great arrangements, not to mention he has an awesome voice! “Picture” – the single and video – is highly listenable and thoroughly enjoyable. The song is relatable for anyone as Lee tells us that there is more to a picture than meets the eye. Not only is the detail oriented and well written, but there’s something in Lee’s voice that paints the picture of the song that actually makes you believe you’re sitting in a bar with him while he tells you his thoughts.

Russell Lee & the Band
Russell Lee & the Band

The melody is just up-tempo enough to make it a fun song rather than one you want to drown your nostalgia in. I have listened to a lot of country throughout the years and I have to say, this track is there among my top choices. The song is engaging, heartfelt, rollicking, and had me singing and wanting a cold beer while listening to it. Now if a Country song can get you doing all of those things, then it’s just about doing its job perfectly.

Country music, unlike its pop counterpart, thrives on its poetic use of words. So, our thumbs are up when Russell Lee delivers words and rhymes that are insightful without being pretentious.  Never given in to bombast or drama, Lee just sings his heart out on this one, commanding our attention all the way through.

His expressive personality lets him create and put out sounds that from others would just sound wrong, as you get a taste of his sensitive side as well as a good dose of that typical country storytelling.

Russell Lee
Russell Lee

“Picture” is a great representation of what Russell Lee can do with a Country song. It doesn’t always have to be a morbid ballad or a high kicking hell raiser to make an impact – Done properly even a mid-tempo track with all the right embellishments can be pretty impressive.

And Lee’s performance together with that of the band pulls it off sweetly on this track.  If you are a first time listener of Russell Lee, this recording will probably convince you that you need to do a little research and find out what else you have been missing out on!

More About: Music is a true calling Russell Lee and a fundamental way of life. Embracing the power found when honest song writing meets professional musicianship; this hardworking musician has released three well-received albums, along with a new music video…and all this while entertaining Canadian audiences with the help of some very talented band mates during Russell Lee’s live shows. A current career highlight includes Russell recently performing a full set-list at the world-renowned Dauphin, Manitoba Country Fest – an honor not many musicians get to share.

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