Momin Deen: “Blitz” is introspective, warm, lifting and deep

There is no one quite like Momin Deen. He doesn’t fit into any single category. His music reflects a variety of genres, and he does things that no one else could get away with. Or perhaps no one else thinks of combining such diverse musical styles. “Blitz” is a song Deen wrote sitting in front of my mirror scared in 2011, to describe his paranoia. Strangely the song changed it’s meaning within the space of a few years, says the singer-songwriter: “Three years later, the song changed its meaning, as I found out that this song is about me asking myself, do I deserve to be in heaven?”

More than other Deen songs, “Blitz” expands further in musical and emotional complexity, combining influences to create a unique sound, but still with a familiar Momin Deen touch. There is depth and a feeling of maturity that comes obviously comes from his years of songwriting and performing. This track, like many other Deen songs, is not for superficial listening.

Really, when you have everything, and the world tells you to be happy, and you’re still miserable, who do you turn to? For me, it’s faith. And I suspect it’s the same for Deen, as he punches through the veneer of superficiality and digs to the core of the soul.

This is one of the best if not the best song he has recorded. This track reaches the gut and you feel the sadness, remorse, longing and his sense of inner being.

A vintage-inspired singer-songwriter Momin Deen based in Kuala Lumpur has periodically released tracks updating his 60s and 70’s influenced sound each time.

But despite these moves toward contemporizing his pompadour-accented approach, Deen’s best work is always on the tracks where he embraces his old-school aesthetics and delivers melodic, twangy songs in his signature goosebump-inducing croon, where his voice moves through octaves and straight into your soul. “Blitz” is one of those songs.

The artist who completed his degree in advertising, and also toured Australia, thoroughly displays his charms and sensibility on this song.

“Blitz” is introspective, warm, lifting and deep, to keep you listening from beginning to end, nor does the sound grow tiring and you wouldn’t mind giving it another spin soon after its first.  Momin Deen, always the consummate craftsman, delivers another strong track that reeks of conventional, organic instrumentation and a voice that is as melodic as it is emotional.


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