Joe King Carrasco: “My Ding Dong Daddy Don’t Daddy No Mo” – power and passion!

In 2003, Joe King Carrasco was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame and in 2012 Joe was inducted into the Austin Music Hall of Fame for a second time with his band The Crowns. The Academy of Texas Music also awarded Joe King Carrasco a Lifetime Achievement Award in March of 2012, and the following year Joe was honored with the Entertainer of the Year Award by the Academy of Texas Music. Now if that’s not enough for you, Joe King Carrasco is known as the King of Tex-Mex rock and roll.

His cross-cultural musical concoctions blend cumbias, vamp, salsa, surf, reggae, blues and Latin-tinged polkas. With over 23 albums to his name, Joe went back to the studio with Grammy nominated and multi-award winner producer, Rick Del Castillo, in 2015 and recorded ‘Chiliando’, a quintessential album packed full of Tex-Mex infused roots rock and blues.

Taken from the album “Chiliando” comes the single, My Ding Dong Daddy Don’t Daddy No Mo”. At an age when most performers of Joe’s stature are either fading fast or priming for the oldies circuit, Joe King Carrasco is making some of the rawest, swingiest, and most memorable music of his career.

If you like your country crooned by a velvety voice, kissed by an occasional accordion and spiced with a Latin flavor, Joe can do that. And if you want your rock n’ roll driving hard with a soulful blues edge, he can certainly do that too.

In fact I doubt there’s anything Joe King Carrasco can’t do with his genre defying band. The truth is you can’t pigeon-hole these guys!

The eclectic mix of retro rock/alt country with a strong undercurrent of Latin/Tex-Mex is an amazing blend that only a handful of bands can deliver authentically. One of these is Joe King Carrasco and his band. The power and passion that Joe infuses into a rocker like “My Ding Dong Daddy Don’t Daddy No Mo”, is phenomenal.

If you haven’t experienced Joe King Carrasco y Los Side FX, you are missing something! This is straight rock n’ roll that is deliciously moving and intoxicating. Joe’s voice is still something to behold, while the rhythmic drumming, pumping bass lines, and the punctuating guitar riffs are all in the right places. It seriously doesn’t get any better than this if you want to move and captivate a live crowd on a Saturday night.


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