Yung Ro drops “Like No Other” from “The Wolf of Olive Street”

Yung Ro the young music and business mogul is the youngest African American business and property owner in the downtown region of St. Louis. Yung Ro’s philosophy of fusing music and business is an effective marketing strategy. That’s why his current project “The Wolf of Olive Street” is a personal creation. It’s due to be released during the summer 2017. His first single from the project which is also supported by music video is titled “Like No Other”. The project was written and produced entirely under the roof of Black Pearl Enterprise. The track features Yung Ro not taking anything for granted. He understands that he is a young businessman, and that he’s going to continue to get better and he doesn’t need any haters getting in his way.

It is a rare trait for rapper’s to produce content with genuine emotional and musical diversity that maintains the key quality of actually being good. Yung Ro is genuinely an artist who gets better with every listen, every performance and every release. After weaving through the motions of his latest effort, “Like No Other” is no different.

After a brief intro, Yung Ro wastes no time in offering us a window into his mindset, lamenting: “Everybody wants to be a boss, but they don’t wanna work.” It is this reflective nature which forms the spine of “Like No Other”. The track actually symbolizes Yung Ro realization that a superficial lifestyle means nothing in reality. That if you want to concretely achieve anything you’ll need to effectively lay down the groundwork.

Unlike stereotypical rappers, Yung Ro certainly has no problem sharing his innermost thoughts. One of his gifts is his knack of merging thought-provoking lyrics with joints that would not be out of place in club. Certainly, “Like No Other” is not the first time Yung Ro has offered a reflective look at his life and success.

However, this is perhaps his most confident music yet, mostly because after a few years in the game and in his business ventures, he has seen it all – the money, the girls – and experienced it all – the criticism, the envious and the haters.

Yung Ro is now a man who knows who he is and where he wants to go and with that kind of ammunition in his step, it can only be a good thing, as he shows us why he is “The Wolf of Olive Street”!


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