Crunch Jones: “Murdering Tracks” is polished and dexterous, like a point guard!

Crunch Jones is an American rapper born and raised in the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The music he makes is a portrait of the struggles and success of his life coming up. A dedicated writer, Crunch began his journey using the pen as way of expressing the inner voice inside him. He describes his style as the “Ghetto Gospel of Trap Music”.  Before music Crunch was living his life on the edge, but once he changed his soul music saved his life. It enabled Crunch to be able to dream and eventually open his mind and talents to a greater good.

Crunch Jones has released two singles, entitled “Murdering Tracks” and “Money On My Mind” Ft. Daric Forrest AKA Styles. Produced by Affluent Oscar Sanchez, both these tracks are set to be on his upcoming album “Crunchtime” releasing May 2017 via J Tizzle Muzic / Affluent / Orchard / Sony.

Jones has found a sweet spot in maintaining his street credibility while crossing over with a commercial touch. These new singles are prime examples of Crunch breaking down the rules though he doesn’t necessarily use the same pop instincts to draw attention like T.I. or Jeezy has done in the past, his method of churning out music that straddles both extremes of hip-hop will give him opportunities to maneuver among hip-hop’s popular movers

“Murdering Tracks” and “Money On My Mind” Ft. Daric Forrest AKA Styles is Crunch Jones’ way of reaffirming the notion that listeners are going to support your music if you’re authentic. Consistency is also one of his best traits so he’s got a lot going for him right now.

I really like Jones when he’s speaking ‘real’ as he does on ‘“Murdering Tracks”. I think if he deviates from that aggressive style, he may tend to lose his biggest strength, which is his gruff flow. As a rapper, Crunch Jones is practiced and lyrically ambitious. His bars are straight-to-the-point and it’s his willingness to open up that endears.

One thing Jones is strong on, is his trapper-to-rapper ethos, which is most evident on “Money On My Mind” Ft. Daric Forrest AKA Styles, who has also featured on our pages with his own single “Let You Know”. That ‘trapper-to-rapper ethos’, may sound like a familiar style and story, but few artists deliver with as much conviction.

The marriage between the bottom-heavy beats and the true-to-life rhymes show that Crunch Jones has spent his time under the radar mastering his craft. He’s polished and dexterous, like a point guard finally knowing when to break out the crossover dribble.


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