DOE THE BEAT KING: “Cold Nights” rides perfectly on a thumping production!

Hip-hop Artist DOE THE BEAT KING aka David Owens moved to San Diego from Johnstown, PA in 2015. David Owens was born in Milton Florida and raised in West Helena Arkansas area, and later Frederick Maryland. The once Frederick high school attendant, immediately began networking with many industry elites on moving to California in 2009. In 2016 DOE released “Journey To A Thousand Dreams”, with all the ensuing struggle and strain that went along with promotion. But soon his popularity began to rise. DOE is also in a rap group with partner in crime HEVEWAE. You can catch DOE THE BEAT KING djing at Oak Park Hall 1925 Euclid avenue San Diego California every Tuesday night 9/2am.

As he continues his grind and builds his brand, DOE THE BEAT KING has freshly released the single, “Cold Nights” Recorded at TMS STUDIOS San Diego, CA. After overdosing on Kendrick and Cole I savored this track deep into the night, which has different style to the aforementioned gentleman, but I am loving it all the same. Why?

This brother sounds like a veteran emcee in the making. His vocals ride perfectly over a thumping kick-drum production, as his storytelling takes you back to nineties. He is definitely a major asset to the San Diego underground Hip Hop scene, with a sound that can be enjoyed coast to coast.

“Cold Nights” brings me back to when rap was good. I haven’t really liked too much hip hop in a while because much of it is hollow. But this right here has that old school heart but it keeps right up there with the times.

You could do far worse than to pick this record up for meditative late nights or bad-weather commutes, where it’s best to just zone out and let the vibe sneak up on you, and DOE THE BEAT KING set a compelling mood while aiming his sights at the pantheon of stylistic greatness.

DOE THE BEAT KING is gradually but noticeably building up a real identity, and this record forms part of that process as he evolves and finds his place in the rap world. No doubt the next level seems within his reach.

DOE THE BEAT KING has overcome a common obstacle that has plagued a series of storytellers in recent times – with the exception of a select few, Kendrick, Cole and Common among them – Firsthand truths never sink in when they’re delivered with secondhand styles!


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