C.Kaleb: EqUaLiTy (Prod. Homage) – Trick or treat?

From Southfield MI, a suburb of Detroit, comes C.Kaleb, known for being rather controversial, and releasing some diss tracks, he is an up and coming artist, just trying to bring something new to the table. His latest track, EqUaLiTy (Prod. Homage), addresses socio-political and cultural issues. Inspiring, no? The current state of rap and independent hip-hop could stand to learn a thing or two from this man. Don’t you think? Well, when the beat drops and C.Kaleb starts spitting his meticulously-crafted lines, you realize it’s entirely possible that he was meant to be kicking these rhymes, and that we were meant to be listening to them. Or were we? Not sure, but I will warn you from the outset that this is no ‘nice’ or ‘good’ rap song, this is a controversial rap song – so you’re either going to love it, or hate it, depending on how open minded you are.

C.Kaleb dropped this track with no major promotion or press at all. That’s already a sign of real hip hop, by just letting the music speak to the masses. C.Kaleb clearly is no conventional rapper or a puppet for labels to pimp out. I suspect he is a revolutionary artist that defies the corrupt and systematic entertainment world of music or how else would he have released a track entitled EqUaLiTy (Prod. Homage).

You can only respect his vision and the message that he puts into this track. Extremely intelligent and musically talented, C.Kaleb records a song that will make people think more than they imagined they would have had to, on the outset.

On EqUaLiTy (Prod. Homage), C.Kaleb draws the listener deep into his world, as he unleashes some killer wordplay, but here it’s deftly woven into a bigger picture, or rather the overarching theme of ‘equality’.

C.Kaleb challenges the meaning of ‘equality’ from a vast number of angles, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just the usual  socio-political or conscious rap song…it’s actually even more thought- provoking, if such a thing was possible, and believe me it is – especially when you bring themes like religion into the equation.

C.Kaleb goes all over the map with his approach here, as he changes both his voice and delivery up and down – moving between calm and calculated to almost hysterical.  Some of the segues are hilarious with tongue-in-cheek stabs at how the variants of equality and faith, has ravaged our free-thinking psyche, and as such our way of life.

EqUaLiTy (Prod. Homage) does a great job at easing the listener into C.Kaleb’s left-of-center aesthetic. And after a couple of spins, you’ll get the gist of the recording and focus on its strong points, of which there are many.

Of course, depending on your own personal sensibilities, you may even disregard all of the above and just focus on the song’s bad points, which for you, there will be many too, I suppose – but hey it’s no big deal, we’re all about “EqUaLiTy”!


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