Even Temper: “Perspective” comes with a highly contagious melody and muscular guitar licks

The Germany-based New-School Pop Punk trio, Even Temper, founded in July 2016 and featuring Maxi, Tim and Salvo has 3 things that will quickly endear people to them. Firstly they have an optimistic flash motto – “Party like Pop Punk, Live it like Hardcore!” Secondly, their live show credo is:   “Come as a listener and go as a friend”. Thirdly, they play fun and uplifting, real kick-ass rock n’ roll!

Even Temper doesn’t rewrite pop-punk rules by filling their music with dramatic over-burdening musical innovations or profound head-splitting personal revelations. But the things Even Temper do – like write pitch-perfect pop-punk anthems with hard driving guitar riffs, designed for sunny days at the beach and joyous evenings under a brightly lit city skyline – they do really freaking well.

A weightless wonder like their debut single “Perspective” comes with carefree, highly contagious melody, while riding high on muscular guitar licks.  Even Temper’s delicious musical confections are consistently satisfying – from the battering drum beats to the rolling bass-lines and the angsty, edgy vocals they manage to stay in the classic pop-punk lane without drowning in genre clichés.

And you know what that means: This fiery affair doesn’t ease up on the gas as it charges thrillingly towards an electrifying finale full of forceful guitars and pounding percussion!

The outcome is a rousing effort, and “Perspective” is as captivating as any pop-punk track currently on the market. Notwithstanding the youthful demeanor of the band, there’s a tremendous sense of maturity to this tune which succeeds in sounding meaningful even in its most manic moments.

This results in a record that feels refined and fresh while simultaneously staying true to the raucous style for which punk in any form is famous for.

Even Temper has polished out any genre ‘imperfections’ and used nostalgic influences to add that familiar pop-punk stamp to create something new. It’s this sharp-minded approach that seems to have played into their admirable musical work ethic on “Perspective”, providing the required tools for a quality focused result.

The evidence of this is indisputable and highly listenable. Even the most die-hard punk enthusiast with concrete tastes and preferential elitist opinions can’t deny the validity of Even Temper in the pop-punk arena. The band seems to have coalesced together their individual musical influences into a union that is remarkably sincere and catchy!


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