Stephanie Braganza: “Chains of Silence” reaches out to touch, caress and grab you!

I must admit to being a bit, well, more than a bit, puzzled as to why Stephanie Braganza is not a household name at this point in her career. Her latest single, “Chains of Silence” is a good case in point. This is a track that excels on all levels, songwriting, production, engineering, and, especially, performance, as the woman can sing. Maybe it’s because she’ll never have that one definitive ‘pop’ hit that makes her as well-known as she ought to be. Maybe she’s just too good to fit into that definitive radio-ready genre. Maybe she’s too good in too many genres to be put into one sellable box. One thing’s certain though she fits into the extremely talented female singer’s category.

Stephanie Braganza has performed with rap artist Belly and Ginuwine at the MuchMusic Video Awards. She has also won the Toronto Independent Music Award (TIMA) for ‘Best Live Artist’. Stephanie’s first performance of 2014 was for former President George W. Bush at a private event at the Art Gallery of Ontario. She has performed at top festivals and many prestigious venues, as well as making various TV appearances. Simply put, this woman has an incredible voice which has allowed her to spread her talented wings.

Stephanie’s latest single with its tasteful and powerful hard rock arrangement, is a far cry from her previous repertoire of pop and dance songs, but allows her to showcase the full range of vocal expressiveness. Her voice has echoes of Amy Lee, Lzzy Hale, Sharon den Adel, and other powerful singers, but is in no way imitative, with its bone-chilling vibrato.

And as I’ve discovered on this single, she is capable of a kickass rock performance, while at the same time her voice  reveals an additional dimension, of depth and urgency that reaches out to touch, caress and grab the listener in turns.

This is a lady who seems to have already put on a lot of miles– physically, spiritually and emotionally – into her career and in her life, and has learned how to express it all in a perfect fusion of words, music and vocal expression. Her body of work is growing, progressing and demonstrating increasing diversity, as she switches genres without batting an eyelid.

Her output is thoughtful and is readily appreciable as such. “Chains of Silence”, written by Braganza and her co-writer Kolin Stewart, reflects depth and radiates soulful, wrenching and original interpretation. It is a fantastic start to her new-found sound, but does not represent a terminus I believe, nor anything approaching a static example of her work.

The John Allen co-produced track, does however present its own unique opportunity for her to treat us with her talents and variations in her delivery. In short, Stephanie Braganza does what an artist at her best is capable of doing in interaction with an audience, and she does it with a style and richness in her art that can leave the listener experiencing a certain level of awe of the woman’s craft.

MORE ABOUT: Stephanie has been performing and singing since the age of twelve. She was chosen for lead roles in the musicals Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat & Godspell. She has studied with great mentors such as Juno award winner Rik Emmett (Triumph), Pat LaBarbera, and Trish Colter. Her hard work earned her a Scholarship for the Vocal Program at Humber College where she graduated. Stephanie co-wrote her entire debut album, “Unexpected” with composer/guitarist Kolin Stewart, focusing on creating music with a message.


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