Flashyboy & Tiffany Blade: “REP Detroit” – done it with eye-popping intelligence

Detroit Artist Icewood Entertainment present Flashyboy & Tiffany Blade with their new track “REP Detroit” – which does exactly that. Flashyboy & Tiffany Blade are not complicated artists. They rely almost entirely on their intertwined lyrical themes and while the track definitely has something to do with the duo’s lyrical prowess. It has everything to do with their voices.  Flashyboy comes forward with his swollen, slurry, guttural drawl that rumbles all over the track like an earthquake and hammers vowels until any one word can rhyme with any other word. It’s all hard consonants and long, luxurious vowels.

On the other end Tiffany Blade runs the gamut from coy to uninhibited in delivering an aggressive flow that’s too smart for just testosterone-heavy, shout-along nonsense. Mixing playful swagger with true city grit, Tiffany represents her own hip-hop archetype: strong, assertive, yet undeniably feminine.

Considering the intrinsic nature of “REP Detroit”, it is fairly mature in comparison to the rampant boasts that dominates other tracks of similar nature. Let’s just says that Flashyboy & Tiffany Blade deliver this, yes with extreme pride, but at the same time they do it with eye-popping intelligence.

And even if you’re not from Detroit, you cannot deny that this is a perfect full-floor tune, guaranteed to get you punching the air. With a breezy head nodding feel and clever synth fills, this assertive winner, like all the best cuts, has a hook that just won’t leave you alone. This song will be in DJ boxes for quite a while.

Flashyboy knows the power of a strong, easily chanted verse, so when the lines bounce on “Rep Detroit” Ft Tiffany Blade [Prod By Mr Chevy], they bounce hard, as with the recurring “I wear Detroit anytime I’m in front of the camera”.  This is a shrew lyrical move to which Flashyboy adds energy and Tiffany brings all sorts of magic.

In fact both rappers ride the rhythm well and always get their characters across. When sharing the mic no-one loses out, and moreover, Detroit wins. Tiffany may have a supporting part on this track, as Flashyboy owns the lion’s share, but she stands her corner well. When the music is jumping her hard, her direct style adds just the right punch to complement the momentum set by Flashyboy.

Stream “Rep Detroit” Ft Tiffany Blade [Prod By Mr Chevy] on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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