Mosey Moseye: “Child Celebrity” – addictive and fast-paced verses!

The Texan rapper, Mosey Moseye, has paired his fast-paced lyricism with a dirty trap beat on the new single, “Child Celebrity”. While he embraces his regional culture, Mosey Moseye  is out to show a different side of Texas emcees. What immediately draws you into Mosey Moseye’s world is his distinct and intriguing voice, as well as his complex rhyme scheme, particularly the way he effortlessly changes tempos and styles. But beyond all the flash lies his ability to provide cunning lyrics and conceptual material rarely seen from today’s crop of young crop of emcees. This is heard throughout “Child Celebrity”, as Mosey Moseye proves that the South can indeed rap.

Mosey Moseye 

The sleek bass-driven beat and the rapper form an immediate chemistry, which results in a gloomy but uplifting track, where Mosey Moseye displays his lyrical dexterity and beat-riding ability. Mosey Moseye’s  knack for construction addictive and fast-paced verses, sets him apart from many of his Southern counterparts even more.

If you thought Texas emcees were only concerned with flaunting materialistic objects, Mosey Moseye is here to show you a different side. With concentrated attention towards lyrics, creativity and substance, he destroys the misconception of a Texas rapper. Running through his catalog you can see he is laying down the bricks toward an album or mixtape release.

From songs like “Reaper Chain”, to the hypnotic slow-flow he delivers on “Big Dog (prod. by JAPAN)”, Mosey Moseye  shows he can murder any beat in any tempo. Mosey Moseye  has certainly come a long way since he dropped “Pu$h it” 3 years ago, but I’d be willing to bet that he is just starting to warm up and getting on top of his game.

On “Child Celebrity”, Mosey Moseye  digs into his creative and commercial motivations with a sound that is both classic and modern to articulate his vision and showcase his technical skill. Mosey Moseye sounds reflective and celebratory at the same time, and while idyllic in feel and well-delivered, if this track had to have at least one negative, just to balance out all the positives – it would without doubt be its length, clocking in at just under two minutes.


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