Henry Metal: “Wrist is Pissed” – more than just a “mock ‘n roll” artist !

What would you get if you mixed vaying doses of Weird Al Jankovic, Spinal Tap, Frank Zappa and Tenacious D with just a little more metal? Well, something like “Wrist is Pissed” by Henry Metal. What’s so fun about Henry is that he is basically saying all the things the bands he is making fun of /idolizing / not lucky enough to be in couldn’t say. If the track doesn’t grab you, abandon ship, because your listening experience is not likely to improve over anything else Henry Metal does. On the other hand if you like what you’re hearing then you’ll probably dig what follows.

Drenched to the core in double-and single-entendre lyrics that push parodic excess to beyond, Henry Metal delivers tumescent, hook‑laden rock anthems. Chicago’s premier spoof metal merchant is clearly not messing with a winning formula he has shown on previous releases, like “Butthead Maven” or “Boss of Me”.

Though the lyrics here seem even more relentlessly cryptically focused than ever, while the polished musical backdrop also shows more progressive ambition: the smoldering, overdriven “Wrist is Pissed” is a straight-faced excursion into 80’s metal and glam rock territory.

Like previous Henry Metal anthems, “Wrist is Pissed” is a note-perfect, musically slick affair bursting with florid guitar licks, operatic-styled vocal harmonies and an incessant rhythm.  If you long for the days when metal and rock was king and big hair and even bigger egos together incredible guitar solos ruled the airwaves, Henry Metal has you covered.

While the music is nostalgic and will bring you that sense of euphoria you had the pleasure of experiencing with bands like Black Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer in their heyday, Henry Metal bring that together with a lot of tongue-in-cheek fun.

Vocally, despite the nature of the lyrics sung, Henry Metal is actually quite an incredible talent. It really shows in all of his tracks. Every facet of his vocal range shows in these types of songs and, what’s even more impressive, is that he can hit every note he sings quite perfectly and effortlessly.

Right from the beginning, Henry Metal has been striving to make some of the most observational rock and metal out there, all while showcasing very genuine instrumental talent in the process.

 “Wrist is Pissed” is probably Henry Metal’s most interesting track yet, with its blend of heavy riffing and symphonic sound. From the get-go Henry Metal instantly builds an impressive metal image, corroborated with the musical prowess necessary to more than justify his awe-inspiring lyrical chants and equally dazzling arrangements.

Whether these aural skills manifest themselves in Henry Metal’s riff-heavy guitar playing or his soaring vocal performances, he consistently proves himself to be more than just a “mock ‘n roll” artist treading the metal genre.

What “Wrist is Pissed” essentially demonstrates is that bringing together a legitimately good musician and utilizing his equally impressive sense of humor and observational skills turns out to be a winning formula for those who are simply looking for a soundtrack to a hard rocking good time that still retains some serious substance.


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