LexC: “Crazy Time” – the mark of a confident singer

Singer, songwriter, and audio engineer, Aldith Monique-Alexis Cleary, artistically known as LexC, was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but due to the military service of her parents she also claims ties to Delaware, Germany, Virginia, Texas, Jamaica, Hawaii, Alaska, and Georgia. At the age of 3, LexC performed “Amazing Grace” at her grandparents’ church, and began writing songs at 8 years old. Throughout her grade school years she continued to share her gift by way of talent shows, sports events, and her high school graduation. LexC attended and graduated at The Art Institute of Atlanta where she studied music theory, audio engineering, post-production, business law, and entrepreneurship, receiving a Bachelor’s in Audio Production in the summer of 2016.

LexC’s artistic growth as seen her acquire credits with the likes of Ma$e, Columbus Short and J. Holiday, among others. She has also been recording and releasing her own music, which includes her latest single, “Crazy Time”, released some months back.

LexC’s music works because her songs clearly come from the soul and for such a young singer she seems to have experienced a great deal. This comes across strongly and her music seems much older than her years. With so much music today, overdubbing, glossing-up and auto-tuning the vocals, it is refreshing to hear music here with LexC’s voice strongly in the forefront untouched, sincere and strong.

What should have been just another single to grab your attention turns into a heartfelt piece of music due to the passion that LexC exudes in every song she sings. From the second the soft keyboards begin on “Crazy Time”, you can immediately tell that this track is serious. Just three bars into the song you can feel her voice begin stealing your heart.

The chorus alone grabs your soul and never let’s go. If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you can reminisce the harmonizing of 90s style R&B. LexC brings back what the R&B game has been lacking for a long time – passion. If you’re looking for a mono tone voice then you are definitely in the wrong place. Only a full and multi-range songstress lives here.

“Crazy Time” also proves she knows how to show off her pitch perfect tone and vocal range without beating people over the head with the power of her voice. That’s the mark of a confident singer.

The lyrics are about real life and not the bubblegum pop that we have been force fed over the past few years. LexC’s vocal arrangements and love for what she sings will eventually win you over every time.

This not only happens on “Crazy Time”, but also on her previous singles, “Burn” and “Hey”. LexC is in the starting stretch of her career, where she has to concern herself with captivating potential new fans while staying relevant in a fickle market.

Her third single, “Crazy Time”, attempts and succeeds in doing just that. The North Carolina born songstress takes herself and listeners to new heights on this particular record.


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