Flight Mongoose: “I Wanna Know (Live Jam)” detonates like a string of firecrackers!

Flight Mongoose is a Garage Rock band based in Sacramento California, consisting of Trevor Carman (Vocals, Guitar), Andy Sanchez (Bass), Parker Hill (Guitar) and Leo Calderon (Drums). Some of the band’s influences include Twin Peaks, The Strokes, Black Keys and The Beatles. The group is currently recording their debut EP “Peach Fuzz” at J Street Recorders, and has released their re-mastered single “I Wanna Know (Live Jam)”. The results are appropriately dangerous and subterranean: a ragged yet elegant wall of guitar sound led by Carman’s chanting croon, all drenched in a psychedelic, after-hours hedonism mist that perfectly captures the inquisitive shrug of the track’s title.

Flight Mongoose is not from 1967 or 1981 or 1994. They are from 2017 and that’s what makes them so unique. One listen to “I Wanna Know (Live Jam)”, and I guarantee you’ll be thinking that they’re from another era.

A time before computers actually started making music, and if you couldn’t play an instrument you could only dream of ever becoming a rock star, or getting the prettiest girl at the party. Well Flight Mongoose quite simply embodies all the rock n’ roll values of those eras.

There’s no pretense or ulterior motives behind their garage band attitude. They just do what they do, and Lord, do they do it well. Their songs speed along with a muscular, hyperactive sound that is obviously well-executed and precise, yet infectiously loose nonetheless.

“I Wanna Know (Live Jam)” will have you grinning and bobbing your head along without a second thought, as each subsequent verse and guitar riff detonates like a string of firecrackers.

Dirty and abrasive, as all good guitar-based rock should be, this tune is appealing in strange and inexplicable way. Is it the sound; no, it’s the attitude. You try to figure it out. For me it’s both, as rock n’ roll, no matter the form of the sub-genre it is being played in, cannot flourish without one or the other.

Flight Mongoose has it down to a tee, as they mix the dark surrealism of The Pixies with the immediacy of The Strokes. Once this band completely absorbs these aesthetics, you can bet that they will become a major menace in the music scene.

You don’t believe the Flight Mongoose hype? Do yourself a favor and forget everything you’ve just read. Forget everything that comes out of anybody’s mouth about this band. Forget you’ve even heard about them.

Just grab a listen to “I Wanna Know (Live Jam)” as if you knew nothing about Flight Mongoose, load the song into your player, turn the volume all the way up and just listen. Don’t believe the hype – they really are that good!


6 thoughts on “Flight Mongoose: “I Wanna Know (Live Jam)” detonates like a string of firecrackers!

  1. Great band! Seen them live a few times and they put on an awesome show. Each one better than the last. High energy plus good tunes equals an amazing f-ing show!

    Full Spectrum Ink

  2. Flight Mongoose is one of my favorites!! Love going to their shows and jamming out it’s such great energy and they’re all so nice!

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