One Life Entertainment Music Group Presents “Let’s Eat” compilation album

The One Life Entertainment Music Group releases the “Let’s Eat” compilation album, featuring their key artists – Money Boy, Cage, Uncle-E, Byrdgang Karter and Mac. The album is meant to be a statement to the industry that this small group of independent artists is a force to be reckoned with. That the five members of One Life Entertainment could reach a unified vision of empowerment within their dark, urban melodrama raises them above your average radio rappers. The sense of urgency conveyed through violent tales and street corner hustling transforms several tracks on this collection from battle hymns to ghetto anthems. These narrators lead rough, conflicted lives occasionally peppered by block parties and one-night stands, and their lessons and losses often rise through the music.

No doubt this is an important retrospective in the development of some currently flourishing artists. Byrdgang Karter kicks the set off with the trap infested earworm “No Hand Outs”. Then Cage and Money Boy step up to the plate with the banging anthem,“Fold Under Pressure”.

The pressure doesn’t subside when San Fernando Valleys’ Mac grabs the mic on “Fresh Ass Spokes (Riddin Through The Hood)”. Cage and Money present themselves again on the head-nodder “Do You”, before Unkle-E brings on some sweet soul-burning melody on “Rough Sex”.

“Tring To Get Right” sees Cage do a solo stint, while Pitcher The Realest fills the groove with melodic “I Remember”. Money Boy and Cage join forces again on the percussive “Better Days”. The cinematic, “For My Family” is soulfully narrated in sing-song style by Byrdgang Karter. Unkle-E closes the proceedings with the R&B infused bedroom tune “Get It Wet”.

The One Life Entertainment Music Group has made the intentions behind “Let’s Eat” clear. But the record was also built to complement and amplify the styles and moods of its artists, but at the same time provide something individual enough to give each member an identity of their own. This is an original album with its heart in all the right places, at a time when hip-hop in general is beginning to descend into greed, materialism, and immorality.

The intention the label has, is both to establish itself as a separate entity, distinct from the lengthening shadow of the majors or the bigger budget indies, but to do so through a sincere belief that they are making music that can connect and communicate even if it doesn’t necessarily sell by the bucket load.

No artist ever goes into a project hoping for it to be unsuccessful, of course: but the metrics the One Life Entertainment Music Group are apparently using to assess the worth of their work has less to do with sales figures than the ability their music has to reach remote corners of as wide and unexpected a listenership as possible.

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