Ms. Massey: “First Time” – an acoustic-guitar driven blend of Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop

Born and raised in California, Ms. Massey started off her career writing songs about life and love on her piano and guitar and has since bloomed into a sought after songstress in her industry. A producer, songwriter and the founder of Massey Music – a premiere songwriting agency located in Los Angeles, California that develops and promotes new artists coming out of the West Coast area – Ms. Massey now debuts as a performer with her single “First Time”. Whilst she doesn’t attempt to re-invent the wheel with any of the sounds she dabbles in on this track, she does prove her limitless talent, as the writer, singer, producer and mastering engineer of this creative work.

With a bright smile and hip-length golden hair Ms. Massey seems just modest enough to be endearing. The Californian native is innocent and sweet-looking yet seductively sexy. Her debut release proves that there can be few things as stunning to listen to as a woman becoming herself.

Not only does her alto ride the acoustic-guitar driven blend of Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop perfectly, but the crystalline lilt of her voice even overshadows the heartfelt lyrics and pushes the song away from any potential mainstream mediocrity.

But the best part of Ms. Massey – the singer and the woman – is that she can transform a mere song into an experience. “First Time” is a delicate window into the world of a relationship commitment that showcases emotional vulnerability, frankness and assuredness, without being over-sappy – “I’m gonna fall in love like it’s the first time. And I’m gonna give you my heart, leave my past behind. You’re the one I’ve been searching for, and I’ve finally found…”

“First Time” introduces Ms. Massey to music fans as an artist who isn’t trying to fit in with the trends currently dominating the airwaves. Rather, it showcases her talents experimenting with her sound while remaining true to her urban music roots.

The track depicts Ms. Massey confidentially embracing her sexuality and emotional status, both literally and figuratively, as she bares her soul and shows her feelings to an unnamed lover with her carefully layered vocals.

“First Time” also features a captivating but complex melody that wouldn’t be easy for just any voice to sing. A bit like Mariah Carey (in her heyday), Ms. Massey stays locked onto her high register for long sections of the song. Passionate, honest and gritty, her performance only emphasizes her connection to the music.


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