Pablo Rack$: “Everyday Suspects” Ft. Va$co (Prod. Lucid) – a ravenous emcee

Pablo Rack$ was raised in Harlem with an all women family, and found his passion for writing through poetry. “With a single mother and two older sisters, they influenced my thoughts and outlook on the world heavily,” sat Pablo. “In 8th grade I found out who Big-L was and my life changed after that. When I was 14, I won a lyric contest in 9th grade hosted by Hot97 and that was the first time I ever been in a studio…let alone hearing myself recorded.”  A year later Pablo Rack$ was signed to an independent label, who promised more than they could deliver. He left the label after graduating and embarked on doing open mic nights and cyphers.

After claiming the name Pablo Rack$, which was suggested by his sister, Pablo planned on giving the game a last shot after experiencing all of its negative changes down the years. He eventually joined a collective in New York called Mindset, which was started by his friend Vasco.

Pablo Rack$
Pablo Rack$

Now Pablo Rack$ has just dropped his latest track called “Everyday Suspects” Ft. Va$co (Prod. Lucid), taken from his upcoming project entitled “Stealth Assassin”. The track is an ode to Biggie Smalls as well as an observation of police brutality.

Pablo Rack$ is fierce without raising his voice and is on top of his game as he spits out some deep, hard-hitting rhymes over a laid-back, jazzy and organic sounding soundscape. His extremely tempered delivery and powerful words complement each other perfectly. It is way hotter than I expected.

This classic sounding single proves that Pablo’s knows how to deliver gritty messages locked within slick narratives, honest spirituality, and an unrelenting fascination with what’s happening on the streets.

Pablo Rack$ sounds like a ravenous entertainer and emcee, just as ready to stalk the streets, and as he is ready to ride the radio airwaves. His brooding eyes, engaging flow, and the hardcore weight of his material are aimed at revitalizing the legacy of edgy cockiness and lyrical precision that made the 90’s legends great. He is simply a hybrid of warm sensitivity, raw passion and cold ruthlessness, when necessary.

On “Everyday Suspects” Ft. Va$co (Prod. Lucid), Pablo Rack$ just wants to be heard and understood, as he appears to merge his fury and pain with a smooth lilting voice. He speaks sincerely about his observations and fears in a sharp and touching way. But the most depressing thing about this single is that he is describing disturbing events that people are unjustly living each and every day.


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