SR.Gent: “Gold” – transporting listeners to a throwback dance party!

On his latest single , “Gold”, SR.Gent transports late ’80s and early ’90s  R&B and pop into hiphop’s modern age. After a much anticipated release date, fans are finally met with classic sounds and familiar melodic structures that take them back to the R&B and Pop they fell in love with in the past. Technically innovative and sonically soothing to the soul, SR.Gent’s new single is a nostalgic project that just might serve as the foundation for a new era in crossover pop and hip-hop. “Gold” is a single taken off SR.Gent’s critically acclaimed album “Canorous Camisado”.

With this project, fans are ingratiated with a funkier, even more upbeat SR.Gent. Immediately transporting listeners to a throwback dance party hosted by a series of ’90s R&B boy groups, SR.Gent pushes his talents to the limits as he recycles a nostalgic sound that bites and works to create a very specific genre of music.

As his voice bellows on, singing, “I’m living that life, hot dammit I feel like. Yeah it’s a good night, hot dammit I feel like a million bucks, I don’t give no fucks. I’m feeling like gold,” fans can’t help but feel moved to get up and dance.

Its carefree vibe feels like exactly what we need during a time when everything in our world feels scary, confusing and, well, serious. SR.Gent’s lyrics always seem to have something empowering built into them, so all you need to do is flip the lyrics to your own perspective for fully relatable enjoyment. And sometimes, no flipping is even required – as is the case with “Gold”.

This is a fun pop crossover anthem, so is it really always necessary to break down every single element of entertainment until all that’s left is cultural criticism and gender theory? Our world full of anxiety and stress and debate can be exhausting — and sometimes, at the end of the day, all we want to do is whip off our clothes and turn on a song that makes us dance –  and “Gold” is a great choice for this task!

“Gold” represents a resurgence of the kind of music we don’t get enough of anymore, the kind of song that we used to belt out the car window while we sped along the highway. It’s the type of tune set to lift your mood and make you feel good. And whether you agree with me or not, we’re all perfectly entitled to enjoy that ‘good as gold’ feeling!

MORE ABOUT:  Lester R. Smith aka SR.Gent is a passionate entrepreneur, artist, songwriter, and proud father who based in Atlanta, Georgia. SR.Gent who demonstrated his unwavering love for music from an early age, lost his mother at the age of six, among other childhood hardships. These events led the artist, who hails from Tucson, Arizona, to make a promise that he would strive for a better life, a commitment he still maintains to this day. Enlisted in the U.S. Army during 2007 and medically retired in 2014 after serving in Korea, Germany, and Afghanistan, SR.Gent also graduated from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, and started writing and recording music seriously in 2013. Today SR.Gent is the owner of the independent record label LTP INC, and has just released his whopping 26 track album, entitled “Canorous Camisado”.


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