Rob $tone – Chill Bill Remix (Smoove Boy Jay freestyle) a certifiable master of wordplay

Smoove Boy Jay was once a part of the duo Smoove Boyz alongside Smoove Boy Vick, where the two racked up many performances and released a full-length mixtape in 2015, “M.O.A.S.B: Morals Of a Smoove Boy” hosted by DJ EzzReal. As a part of the duo, Jay has performed at DROM, Webster Hall, SOB’s, Piano’s and various other venues & won “Rookie of the Year” at the HipHopSeazon showcase at The Nuyorican. A 25 year-old hiphop artist from the Bronx, Jay grew up listening to Andre 3000, Nas, Jay-Z, The Game, Kanye West & Fabolous, who have undoubtedly influenced his rhyme scheme and flow. Jay recently found the time to do a remixed version of Rob $tone’s platinum track “Chill Bill”.

Smoove Boy Jay
Smoove Boy Jay

As you all may already know, Rob $tone is another on of internet phenoms who have risen in the recent, and who first dropped “Chill Bill” on Soundcloud in 2014. He then followed that up with a YouTube video in 2015, and an official single release during 2016.

The single debuted with a placing on the US Billboard Hot 100. $tone also claims he wrote the song in the back of a police car, which probably helped hoist sales in no small way.

Smoove Boy Jay has given the track his personal lyrical working over and also placed it on Soundcloud under the working title of “Rob $tone – Chill Bill Remix (Smoove Boy Jay freestyle)”. This is a track that is truly minimal in sound design.

Riding on just a whistle and a grumbling bass line, the “Chill Bill” soundscape is spacious enough to put any aspiring emcee with a loss for words in serious trouble…because there’s not much else going on sonically!

It is by this same token that Smoove Boy Jay proves he has the vocabulary and mindset to be certifiable master of wordplay. Aside from taking time to be reflective and showcase his soul he also gives us many lines which scream with ferocious wit and sheer creativity.

The track starts with verve and then slowly withdraws from it towards the end, reinforcing Smoove Boy Jay’s depth and shows he is less interested in making you just get down than making you think too. He wants us to look within, hear his hopes and dreams, as well as his daily grind. This is far more insightful and spellbinding than the promise of a quick-paced banging beat and catchy vocal hook.



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