Room To Breathe: “Broken and Beaten” – the equivalent of a nuclear rock out!

Room To Breathe is a Post-hardcore band from the city of Lima, Perú and that was founded during May of 2014 by Ian Tello and Andre Orbe. The band is mainly influenced by metalcore, post-hardcore, easycore and melodic flavors, among several music genres. In 2015 the band begun recording its first single called, “Behind The Mask”. A year later they entered into the studio to begin recording their first EP called, “Broken and Beaten” which has now been released.

The music of Room To Breathe feels visceral and dangerously raw. Which is what makes it purely majestic, and damn mesmerizing. Each track plays flawlessly to the eardrum, proceeding to bomb the human hard drive. Their sounds are so astounding that it’s just downright irresistible. There are times when you can’t really figure out what genre a band fits into, and Room To Breathe half finds its way into that statement.

They merge explosively charged moments of fury into unexpected guitar riffs. Not to mention instances of the bass and drums providing impressive bars of a track. With that said, I can’t help but bring up the profound guitar work behind this.

The guitar hooks by Daniel Miranda and Andre Orbe essentially make Room To Breathe. On a whim, after you experience thus EP you’ll know their signature guitar talent. The sheer execution of creativity packed with picturesque rawness can go real far, and this Peruvian unit proves just that.

From the opening track, “Stronger”, just after the intro, their music captivates the subconscious and delivers a hint of mood and burgeons it. Reward yourself today and listen to the title track “Broken and Beaten” – it’s the equivalent of a nuclear rock out.

However there is a nice variety of moods slapped onto this EP, as the band move from the hardcore sounds of “Born To Be Fighters” to melodic interludes of “Heart Grows Weak”. Each track digs itself inside of you and has you moving into an almost euphoric state of mind. From the very start to finish, Room To Breathe will leave you gasping.

The transitions within each song are dramatic, dynamic, and emotive. Tension is created over seemingly mellower portions so that it can be broken at a lyrical focal point. Songs like “Like The Walking Dead” and “Together” will get your blood pumping, providing cathartic release, and leave you feeling like you spent the last thirty minutes of your life experiencing something, not just merely listening to some music. “Broken and Beaten” succeeds on many levels; most notably in the way that each musician feeds off each other, marrying thick and heavy atmospheres with soaring crescendos and up-tempo progressions.

Each member contributes to the best of their ability and no musician in Room To Breathe can be credited with slacking off or being lost in the production. Lead vocalist Ian Tello offers thick, decipherable screams throughout the entire record, and he is also able to handle the melodic pieces with terrific range, making him perfectly suited for the band.

Room To Breathe will enter the studio around the beginning of June to record their full length follow-up to their current EP “Broken and Beaten”. The band is currently finishing the post-production of their first videoclip for the song “Broken and Beaten” which is expected to be released worldwide at the end of May. The band will also be performing live on June 23rd at Hensley Bar in the district of Monterrico, city of Lima, Perú.

Current band members:
-Ian Tello (lead vocals)
-Andre Orbe (lead guitar)
-Daniel Miranda (guitar and vocals)
-Pedro Almora (bass and synths)
-Brandon Barros (drums)

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