Quantum Split: “America” – intelligent rock is not only plausible, but executable!

Led by powerhouse songwriter, lead vocalist, guitarist, and Berklee College of Music student, Soleil Laurent, the rock quartet of Quantum Split is completed by Anthony Anderson (Drums), Adrian Read (Guitar) and Ivan Hardy (Bass). The New York based collective have recently released their socially conscious single “America”, backed by a compelling videoclip. Without a doubt Soleil Laurent shines on this single, and right off the bat she reminded me of the legendary, and brilliant-minded singer-songwriter of the 4 Non Blondes, Linda Perry – there is even a very slight physical resemblance, if you will. Both have a visceral and dynamic artistic approach to their craft, with an adequately exuberant charisma to match the music.

Though rock music can often times be found stale from an over-saturated market and radio, Quantum Split brings a refurbished take to the genre. “America” is a hard hitting song that both showcases grand musicianship, and extraordinary vocal work by Soleil Laurent herself.

Laurent is gives the impression that she is a woman ready to take the world head on. Her melodic and soaring vocals leave a haunting echo in the listener’s heart, as she sings persuasive, empowering messages over smashing drums and dirty guitars.

The idea that rock and roll is dead obviously wasn’t known to Quantum Split, and “America” is proof that rock music with high intelligence is not only plausible, but executable. Soleil Laurent is a stand out singer and front runner, offering the perfect blend of classical vocals with rough around the edges angst.

A total antithesis to the fake prom queens, she’s confident, driven and a talented lyricist, which only help to push the pleasantries of her music.  Full of attitude and sass, this girl is a huge talent, and shows her full range throughout this song.

There is a vibrancy and honesty to “America”, something heartfelt rather than manufactured. It does not feel like cookie cutter corporate rock, which is really saying something these days. From its first moments, its first lyrics, the record has you in its grasp.

Quantum Split takes charge with a declamatory significance that calls out to you and forces you to listen. There’s a power that pervades this album. But, it’s not showboating – its defiance, a stubbornness of a band that knows exactly what they want, and how they want to achieve it. With this record, they prove that they’ve got the goods to back up that stubbornness too!


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