Deyvon Songwriter: “Vonture The Mixtape Ep” – the essence of Hip-hop culture

After setting the underground industry alight with various singles, New York artist, Deyvon Songwriter has released “Vonture The Mixtape Ep”, under the Bentley Records label. The recording contains seven tracks, including some of those aforementioned hit singles, such as “Game Over” (Prod. by tunna beatz), “Strive (I’m Working)” (Prod. By Taylormadebeatz), and his latest release, “Take It Back” Ft. Freysh Prince (Prod. By NY Bangers). This mixtape showcases a matured and enlightened MC who would rather educate the listener than just brag about how much crack he’s selling and how many bodies he’s caught. It’s a refreshing approach to the current scene as he drops science and heartfelt personal thoughts without coming off as overly preachy. “Vonture The Mixtape Ep” is the perfect accomplice for this mission as he delivers his vintage soulful sound- not overly abrasive yet not so smooth that you’ll find yourself nodding off. These beats sound fresh yet familiar.

Coming right out the gate with the heavy artillery, the album kicks off with a dramatic intro before cutting into “Make It Rain” (produced by tunna beatz), which has a soaring vocal hook. The Bronx emcee delivers the thunder here, making this one of my instant favorites on the mixtape.

The track “NY NY” (produced by team manfedi) takes sharp look at the potent New York hip hop scene and misconceptions of it by.  Deyvon Songwriter pulls no punches in speaking on the dirty deeds of some of the city’s sons who don’t do NYC justice.

“Take It Back” Ft. Freysh Prince is a straight out banger with romantic twist. “Strive (I’m Working)” ft. Fred Nice (Prod. by taylormadebeatz) narrates Deyvon’s growing up years without a father, raised by his single mother, and being caught up in the streets at an early age.

It’s the type of song that’s sorely needed in today’s materialistic and violent environment, urging the listener to be greater than the stereotypes placed upon them and to simply be the best they can be. “Game Over” (produced by tunna beatz) has to be the catchiest track of the bunch, with a pop hook that will stick in your head for days on end. The production is almost flawless.

By the time I reach the mixtape closer, the introspective “Tell Em D” (produced by John Beats), I realize that I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about this recording. Lyrically this may be one of my favorite recent releases, with the Bronx emcee toning back the street rhymes in favor of more thought provoking verses.

Don’t get me wrong though, there are still many references to the street life on here, but Deyvon Songwriter also uses this mixtape to broaden his horizons and touches on other topics too. Overall, this is easily one of my favorite projects of the year and is yet another quality entry in Deyvon’s already stellar catalog.

“Vonture The Mixtape Ep” is everything that made hip hop great in the first place. From the lyrics to the beats to the overall messages, I have to say that as a fan of each golden era in hip hop, I’m proud of Deyvon Songwriter for this project. Because he can know that regardless of the numbers he does, he delivered pure, honest hip hop. And that, my friends, is the essence of this culture.


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