MANCHESTER RAIN’s self-titled track is a supremely catchy electronic motive

Working between Manchester, UK, and a reclusive hideaway, buried deep inside the French Alps (Bass Camp), MANCHESTER RAIN produces and writes all of his own material and works on the aesthetics of all related film / video and artwork. MANCHESTER RAIN is an independent artist, releasing material under his own record label called Subdust Music. MANCHESTER RAIN just recently released the single “Manchester Rain”. This may well be the new kid on the block, so to speak, but his target is clearly the entire world. MANCHESTER RAIN path to fame and fortune could well be due to the fusion of styles to be found on this self-titled debut.

It is clear that he has a passion for the electronic scene prevalent in the world today, yet there is an edgy urban rap climate present, as well as some rock and neo-soul elements that drive this song. Throw in some great vocals and a pinch of pop melody and “Manchester Rain” goes down smoothly and rather impressively, whether it be on your headphones in a the club or in a stadium.

“Manchester Rain”, which on first listen is a seemingly generic crossover electronic offering. Yet, MANCHESTER RAIN’s eye for detail in almost every department is exquisite, as it reveals itself on further listening. MANCHESTER RAIN’s smooth vocal range from catchy pop to rap passages here, while a variety of backing vocal techniques assist effectively at all the right times. Meanwhile, the production of the drums, bass and dominant keyboard parts add a club-like flavor to the mix which ranges from jazzy sounds to soulful grooves.

While the musicianship and production is well above-average for the genre, it is clearly MANCHESTER RAIN’s vocals who will make or break this track, if it is aimed at the mainstream market. And judging by the melody and mix, this artist is surely making a charge for the charts. Luckily his super smooth voice sounds inspired and he has clear enunciation. And compared to a number of electronic producers, vocally MANCHESTER RAIN is way ahead of the pack.

However, it is not just MANCHESTER RAIN’s voice which stands out though, it is also his mysteriously compelling lyrics and the story-telling which is also conveyed through the song’s intense atmosphere, and further elaborated through the accompanying video clip.

This attention to detail again places him above pack. The theme here is nothing new, yet there seems to be an interesting twist which demands attention. It is also to MANCHESTER RAIN’s credit that his pop sensibilities will lodge this song in the back of your head for a while.

There appears to be a sense of pride and ethic behind MANCHESTER RAIN that make him more than just an average music producer and artist, and should serve him well in his future endeavors. It appears that his past experiences have given him a grounding of what is required to make appealing and accomplished music.

Entirely self-written and produced, MANCHESTER RAIN’s self-titled track is a memorable and supremely catchy crossover track, but this is not just your regular every-day radio or club music. Throw away your preconceptions and listen a little closer and that should become apparent.


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