HighRoller DP & HighRoller Don: “Stay Rollin” – a lifting experience!

HighRoller DP continues to entertain, reciting pages of the usual braggadocio, weed burning, and car-whipping music over an unfazed classic beat.  “Stay Rollin” is an off-kilter smokers delight cut, featuring HighRoller Don. In music, success can come and go in the blink of an eye, regardless of how you measure that success. It can be a platinum disc, or it can be a couple more followers on Soundcloud. The point is to keep your momentum moving forward. HighRoller DP realizes this and is quick to capitalize on every endeavor he undertakes.

Wasting no time, the Michigan based emcee followed his “Joint Effort” release with “Stay Rollin”.  This stoner styled track follows the same science as its predecessor, and while remaining formulaic may hinder some artists, it proves beneficial for the seventeen year-old pair, HighRoller DP & HighRoller Don, who both appear in their comfort zone.

HighRoller DP once again soars high above the beat as “Stay Rollin” gets underway to a deep soulful bass riff. He is quick to show his wit amidst a slew of cold-blooded bravado intertwined with references to his ‘boss’ game, filled with pussy, money and weed.

The electric guitar stays afloat on the horizon as HighRoller DP proceeds to ride the beat with a half-baked singing demeanor, staying steps ahead of most rappers of his caliber – “Niggas hatin’ cause our rollers start getting the dough. Getting high nigga, up the only way we go. Boss moves, getting’ money only thing we know. They say we smoke too much, need to stop, but we stay rollin’.” The verse kicks in next with a set of derogatory expletives that will definitely keep this thing off radio. But when you’re mind’s cultivating kush-filled fantasies, who gives a fuck about the radio!

In “Stay Rollin” there seems to be more bass present than usual, which I’m really into, although it still maintains the ‘smooth’ sounds that are characteristic for HighRoller DP. At the end of the day however, more than the production, it’s always about the tales and vibe that HighRoller DP, and in this case, HighRoller Don deliver.

The performances are remarkable, with a flow and delivery that continues to impress. And especially for people who are ‘lifted’ by HighRoller DP & HighRoller Don’s weed-smoking achievements, the lyrics are very relatable. As always it also includes the usual braggadocio lines with the typical twists.

With “Stay Rollin”, HighRoller DP maintains his streak of releasing good projects. It includes a memorable instrumental and a solid performance from the man himself, as well as from HighRoller Don. Overall, it’s is a great experience for the die-hard HighRoller DP fans, but it also offers something for every kind of taste.


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