3Dimensional: “Netflicks & Chill” – surefire musicianship and vigorous melody!

As part of a dynamic and fresh new wave of young potential music stars ready to make it big in the music world in 2017, a highly talented and fascinating brother duo from Florida, Coleton and Logen Pickett, known as 3Dimensional are planning to turn pop music by its ear when they jump into the limelight, after developing their surefire musicianship and vigorous melodies which resulted in the release of the blockbuster track “Netflicks & Chill”, which is pushing its way towards a stunning 2 million views on YouTube. This resulted in 3DIMENSIONAL being discovered by Amazon Best Selling author Willie Stewart who is managing them through his company 2MCH4YA Global Entertainment.

The duo, that blend Pop, R&B and Rap flavors into their basic sound formula, further embellish their competency package with songwriting, musicianship and dancing skills. Hooks abound from every corner on the smash track “Netflicks & Chill” proceeding at a steady upbeat pace its infectiousness is undeniable.

Overall the vocals, production and flow of the track seem to work perfectly. It’s almost weird to think of them in the same vein as One Direction, or genre forerunners, Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, because these guys and their music don’t feel quite as formulaic or calculated, which says a lot considering how many obvious boy band influences 3DIMENSIONAL pulls into its core.

Overall, 3DIMENSIONAL puts a contemporary spin on early-’00s mainstream boy band driven pop by avoiding the kind of self-pity, hopelessness, and misogyny that sometimes dogged that nascent scene. More importantly, “Netflicks & Chill” obviously condescends to what would be the band’s core audience of young female fans, but it also feels directed to wider a listenership of both sexes, who have the same relationship dilemmas – a reassurance that the band is prepared to challenge itself musically, precisely because it respects the intelligence and curiosity of all of its followers. That’s no small gesture—and to fans, it could absolutely mean the world.

This theory is confirmed with 3DIMENSIONALs follow up track – the gorgeous and heartfelt ballad “Tables Turn”, which again sees the duo target the hearts of their romantically inclined female fans, but they never forego their solid musicianship and songwriting in the process.

The result is a well-grounded and epic sounding ballad, sung with tear-jerking verses and soaring choruses, but which totally avoid the studio gimmickry usually associated with this kind of project.

3DIMENSIONAL are clearly straddling the line between boy band and full-on pop band, but it’s a cool place for them to occupy in the early stages of their careers. The lines between the two are slowly disappearing, and even some of our favorite boy bands from the past had gone on to become major contemporary pop acts.

The fact that 3DIMENSIONAL do play instruments and are involved creatively in all of their songs will help to bring a layer of continuity and credibility to their music, which dare I say, many of their pop contemporaries are missing. Overall everything they do is super radio ready and catchy!

A note of interest – 3Dimensional has also been picked up by a booking agency called Notebook Entertainment who can be contacted via: http://notebookent.com/


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