Jimmy La-Mer: “#Helluvanight” flaunts an almost breathless flow

Jimmy La-Mer is an aspiring singer-songwriter, emcee and designer out of Broward County, Florida. Jimmy has been performing throughout the state of Florida, Atlanta, and Georgia, as well as Prairie View A&M University opening up for Dj Luke Nasty. Jimmy La-Mer recently dropped his single “#Helluvanight”. The single things off with its catchy hook, and soon La-Mer raps in with a story of this unique girl and a life would he give everything up for- “We can party all day, all night. I’m addicted to this life.”

It is as welcoming as it is laid back, you feel obliged to unwind and relax with the rapper himself, obviously the intended reaction with its warm keys and lifting vibes. The bass drum beat and keyboards are extremely appealing while the melody gets driven into your heard.

Jimmy La-Mer checks all the boxes on paper here, fully loading it with a big-time sounding production, and tons of clever wordplay, the typical keys to a success for any traditionalist rap track. His delivery style is unique and quite unlike any other hip-hop artist.

On the track Jimmy continuously spits lines without needing any other musical stunts. His raps are at times overwhelmingly detailed, as he crams as much information and rhymes in a single musical bar. Even if he tends to obsessively mull over the ‘addicting life’ possibilities, this fleshed-out quality on “#Helluvanight” proves successful, as he is able to flaunt his almost breathless flow.

In addition, Jimmy La-Mer sounds comfortable as hell over this smooth beat- whether rapping or singing. Conceptually, after listening to some of the tracks in his catalog, I found this project to be one of his most thought out and developed.

Lyrically, he hasn’t missed a step and from a production standpoint, this is easily one of his most re-listenable projects too. After giving “#Helluvanight” quite a few listens, it’s clear in my mind that this track sets the bar for Jimmy La-Mer and his future efforts.

Jimmy has reached a new creative height by putting together a track with a diverse production in respect of the usual club stuff. His flow goes very deep and fast into a beat that is languid and patient. This contrasting juxtaposition shapes a track that has a cool vibe, an incessant groove and a memorable refrain – Definitely a captivating aesthetic for the 21st century.


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