Phil Carr and Friends: “Payday” – pumping out positive vibes!

Phil Carr is 1/2 of the South Florida hip-hop group, JamVille. Phil brings his South Florida style alive by fusing Hip-hop, reggae, and Americana delivering his audience a unique sound to accent his laid-back personality. Carr’s first single “Payday” off his upcoming album, is inspired in every way – musically, lyrically, melodically, harmonically, rhythmically. It’s is a must have if you like the west coast, feel-good reggae-styled pop music.

The list of Phil Carr’s musical talents and gifts is much too long for a brief review here. Suffice it to say that Artist, Audio Engineer and Producer, Carr, brings a new and wonderfully fresh style to contemporary reggae-pop.

Furthermore, the recording, engineering, and mastering of the song is also impeccable – which is absolutely necessary to capture the dynamic range of the track, between the lush vocals and organic sounding instrumentation. This song probably spans the descriptive spectrum of “very inviting to magical”.

Everybody has those days in their life when they feel on top of the world – Maybe after a hard week at work and you’ve just got paid. You have the urge to spend that hard-earned cash and be a king for a day. If that’s the case for you, “Payday” is your soundtrack.

Treading familiar lyrical territory, Phil eases the listener in with a recognizable rhythm. The gentle ukulele strums are followed a full instrumental arrangement, as Carr delivers a constant volley of uplifting words with an up-and-down shuffle and happy groove in his voice.

Every song is changing the world, whether you’re putting negative vibrations or positive vibrations out there. Luckily for us Phil Carr is pumping out positive vibes on “Payday”. Unlike some artists that seem to feel the need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to their style or sound, Phil keeps what he does it familiar and consistently good.

The lyrics are catchy and resonate, the tune sticks in your head all day long, and the musicianship is to notch. Phil Carr delivers easy-breezy, toe-tapping music that leaves you humming, singing, and feeling good about life.

And if you think that’s an easy task, you haven’t taken a good look around the charts recently. There are probably only a handful of artists able or even willing to achieve that. This may be perfect beach music, but it’s a whole lot more too!



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