Sunset Sherb knocks it out of the park with “Free Agent”!

Hard to come across in Hip-Hop/Rap, is an emcee who can back up their well-executed rhymes with equally well performed hooks, and while the track-list on the album “Free Agent” could seem daunting, Sunset Sherb makes sure to put all eighteen tracks to their proper use.  This melodic South side record features exceptionally beats and vocals with enough tough guy songs to keep the album excitingly fresh. Plenty of funky segments back it up, as well as more than a handful of bass-pumping bangers. Sunset Sherb sounds like he keeps a conscious mind-state, offering a lyrical repertoire in which he seems to use both free-style and written verses.

The man isn’t afraid to show his opinion of the world and what goes on in it. He can also take a look at the effects of his life choices and other circumstances, making it a big part of his style. He can branch out even further if he wants to, which can effectively cause some tracks to become visceral and raw to the bone.

Compared to ninety-percent of more prominent rappers Sunset Sherb follows his own lane when it comes to rhymes and flow. He doesn’t sound like anybody else in the game right now. The beginning of “Free Agent” which opens with “Shotgun”, immediately covers some of Sherb’s outtakes on his life, and what he advises.

He stands out easily from others spitting what could be something miniscule, simply because he keeps a conscious mind-state in his lyrics and this certainly stays prominent throughout the course of this album. He clearly displays the fact that he can be empathic of others and can view situations which haven’t directly affected him, just as much as the things he himself has experienced.

We’ve all heard the overused cliché ‘Life is a bitch’. Despite its lack of dexterity in its often unsupported form, it’s a statement that resounds firmly within everyone. Sunset Sherb seems to have seen a fair share of knockdowns, hating and struggles.

Whether it is his problems or those of others he expresses these stories with passion. Some are best exposed on tracks like “Come To My Hood”, “Big City” and “Hard Times”. But he can switch to some real soulful themes like the romantic “Sparks Fly” with its extraordinary R&B hook and “Don’t Wanna Be”.

Sunset Sherb tells tales of violence, suppression, poverty and the atrocities of urban life via the art of rap. In a multi-pronged attack Sherb supports some of his sharply pointed lyrics with soulful soundscapes complimented by his characteristic voice and his sometimes half-singing style of rapping in an attempt to induce emotion. And he successfully knocks it out of the park with “Be Myself”, “Stressin” and “Sick and Tired”.

Released through his production company, Bloodline Music, “Free Agent” can make you think, it may make you smile or sneer; it’s vivid, emotional, as well as gritty and pure, and that’s probably what Sunset Sherb wanted. It is a remarkably consistent album, with top-notch and highly distinctive production, not to mention great rapping and wordplay all the way through.


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