Jay Deezl: “BatPhone” builds its own world

BlowinMaddTrees started as a group in the deserts of West Texas, but quickly realized that they were not meant to be there.  They are now residing in the state of legalization, Colorado, where they peacefully embrace their CannabisCulture which has blossomed a music genre they call, #MarijuanaMusic’. Now one of its members Jay Deezl aka Jay Ray has dropped his solo project – a single entitled “BatPhone”. Because Jay Deezl is real er at least he feels that way. The tone and texture of his music, with its nebulous lyrics and sometimes sing-song rapping, communicates contradictory emotions better than nearly any of his peers.

“BatPhone” is weedy and percussive, tinged with synthesizers but never hitting hard enough to make a listener uneasy. His music is a perfect fit for when hedonistic impulses run aground and one is left looking inside himself, wondering if this is the person they are meant to be.

It speaks directly to those feeling alienation in a crowd or within a relationship – that slippery place where trust and lacking self-confidence converge. “BatPhone” will pick you up, lift you high and give you momentum. If you have a batphone, you’ll know the score here.

Jay Deezl confessional self-importance reflects the perspective many of us have, giving us comfort by holding up the mirror to our minds. Still, picking out individual highlights between lyrics, flow and production diminishes the overall hypnotic effect of the work here. Jay Deezl is loaded with ingenuity as a lyricist and songwriter, and he is capable of creating an environment in which the listener can enter an altered state from his vibes.

The consistent sound here isn’t redundant or repetitive, but rather builds its own world in a way that too few records do. It’s not a particularly challenging work—and it certainly never implies to be such.

But if there is a deeper truth to be found, it’s going to be in the song’s texture which conjures up a beautiful night where the streets are busy, and you might be feeling down, but not down enough to light one up while you reach out for your second phone to answer yet another call.

His voice is significantly more wicked sounding here, with a step-by-step flow to make the listener pay attention to each and every phrase. Jay Deezl has the kind of imagination that doesn’t just produce fantastical visions, but the kind that sees into an ideal future and makes him want to go there.

The equation is clear; if your imagination can never be fulfilled, you’re merely squandering your thoughts. There is a relaxing sheen to this soundscape, and I’m certain “BatPhone” will be perfect music to smoke weed to…while you fulfill your imagination!


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