Pritti Shu: “Badmind” – a potent flow and lyrical style

Born David J. Robinson from Huntley District, St. Elizabeth and raised alongside seven brothers and sisters by his fervently Christian mother, Pritti Shu is a student of his craft. Gaining experience with every day that passes he improves his knowledge while learning the right context, melody, the verses, trying to know what is a hook, the importance of stage presence, breath control, metaphor and word play as he strides to attain his musical goal.

Pritti Shu
Pritti Shu

He recorded his first single, “High Roller” in 2012 , after relocating with his father to, Kingston, Jamaica and doing odd jobs in the transport sector, as well as car pimping. Pritti Shu has also performed at various events and has just dropped his latest single “Badmind”.

The single “Badmind” which was produced by No Effort and Black Liberty Records expresses Pritti Shu’s beef with haters, backbiters and hypocrites – People who treat you kindly in your presence, and then try to cut you down when your back is turned.

Probably to experience those spiteful events, Pritti Shu couldn’t have chosen a better industry. The music business is filled with two-timers. However his only concern right now is getting the job done, and pushing this song, as well as his career to the next level.

Now that everybody wears Rastafarian-flavored red, green, and gold wristbands and the Signal De Plane and Pon De River dances have grown to mammoth-like proportions across the the world during the last few years Pritti Shu comes armed to the teeth with all the credentials to make an impression on the market.

Aware of any comparisons to his peers, Pritti Shu has tried to nurture his own unique style and delivery that will make an impact on international audiences.

Furthermore he seems like a pretty nice guy, and he’s probably got some dynamite stories to tell, while his tunes are fun to dance to.

Pritti Shu’s flow and lyrical style are potent, and he creates hooks with ease, bouncing around the track in creative and entertaining ways. His voice is distinct and this in itself allows him to rise above the crowd.

Dancehall infused material is best when served with minimal production, because it is centered on a thick bass line and some looped percussion. “Badmind” works because it provides those elements while still managing to sound like a pop song.


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