Swedish-based Rocker Vlado Jozic brings the thunder!

This is a good old “in-your-face–balls-to-the-wall–ain’t-holding-nothing-back–darn-it-why-doesn’t-every-album-rock-this-hard” music, from a guy who knows what the hell he is doing. Classic rock really it doesn’t get much better than this. Sonically speaking, these songs sound great. Vlado Jozic, who resides in Sweden is a beast and brings the thunder. Much can be said about Vlado’s great compositions but his skill on the guitar is also showcased here. The vocals are strong and soulful too, with soaring, anthemic choruses abounding. My listening experience kicked the set off with the female sung bone-crusher “My Mistake” – a blend of brilliant Heart-type vocals and classic Van Halen-styled layered guitar riffs.

The track led to another mid-tempo riff-filled chugger, “Going Out”, where the singer laid down some more throaty growls to pump adrenaline levels sky-high, while Vlado Jozic drops a fiery guitar solo to quickly clarify his artistic intentions.

“Heart Is A Strange Place To Be”, is a gem of a rock ballad, with Darija SKoric’s vocals reaching beyond heartfelt, while Vlado showcases his multi-instrumental talents, on guitars, bass, drums and piano.

Structured classically, the song has a slow build with restrained energy holding the tension together. These songs all represent Vlado Jozic making the music he wanted to, not what a record label or band expected from him – Which makes a huge difference, artistically.

On “I’m Eighteen” Vlado Jozic tackles an historic song made famous by Alice Copper and also covered by Anthrax and Creed, among others.  Vlado and his top notch band (which is himself, yet again!) gets across the fun he had making this music through to the listener.

Loaded with rock n’ roll swagger, a resonating electric guitar, as well as rough and raw vocals, Vlado brings the message of track home – “I’m eighteen and I don’t know what I want / Eighteen I just don’t know what I want / Eighteen I gotta get away / I gotta get out of this place / I’ll go runnin’ in outer space oh yeah.” The track has some smoking playing on it, proving again that Vlado Jozic is actually a pretty badass soloist.

Vlado Jozic fell in love with rock n’ roll music when he heard Elvis Presley as a child. He picked up a guitar and tried to learn every rock he could since. Starting way back in 1984 Vlado has performed with many bands and his first recording released was in 1991.

Vlado was involved in a project called “Guitar Heroes Of Sweden”, created especially for the best new talented guitarists in Sweden at the time. Vlado Jozic’s song “Escape” made it onto the compilation CD. From then until now, Vlado says that he is still the same guy…a rocker!

Vlado Jozic is the man. Everything he does on these tracks rock. And he seems to be loving every minute of it!


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