Roman Cigi: “CIRCUS” evolves and mutates sonically!

It’s almost unfair that reviewers are asked to Dj mixes on a one-dimensional one-to-five-star system, as sometimes we can recognize that a mix is well-done, yet it’s not necessarily our own particular cup of tea. For example, Roman Cigi, shows me in this mix that he’s matured as a deejay and has developed impressive mixing skills. His record box currently includes a variety of electronic styles, and he certainly keeps up the energy from start to finish. However, in this day when there are now so very many  house, tech house or techno mixes available for purchase, the question for a potential listener is whether Roman Cigi makes one’s “A list” of favorite deejays, and this ultimately will depend upon how one reacts to the distinctive styles and touches that the deejay brings to the mix.

“CIRCUS” by Roman Cigi, is in my opinion is one of the best blended mixes I’ve heard in a while. There is absolutely no cheese to be found anywhere – a crystal clear sound, a perfect track selection, and energy surging the entire time keeping your senses glued to the music. The entire mixtape takes you for a ride with uplifting and tense build ups, immaculate mixing, and acute climaxes (and there are many throughout the mix).

Knowledge, insight and personal experiences are reasons why DJ’s and producers are able to continue to come up with impressive beat sequences, and “CIRCUS” is burbling, twinkling and resonating proof that if you have a dream to share in the electronic dance scene, then you should share it.

So what constitutes a great mix by Roman Cigi? Choice tune selection is vital, of course, but Roman’s durable mix goes way beyond that. It evolves and mutates sonically within its own identifiable idiom. And within its sympathetic tapestry of tracks, evokes quite specific moods, atmospheres, places and memories.

It makes a definite musical statement. In deference to the DJs who really put in the hours and the effort to go beyond simply ‘showing up’ and ‘playing a few tunes. Roman Cigi sounds like one of those artists who sweat blood, who either catalyze, or encapsulate, fundamental musical shifts.

One of those who toil in bad light into the early hours of the morning to find that faultless combination of tracks – that exact match of tempo and pitch to create the most unique and perfect build to crown that particular mix, like the one on “CIRCUS” – and in so doing reminds us all how much we rely on music to access and express our internal capacities for joy and freedom of spirit.

Roman Cigi, who was born in Slovakia but moved to UK, near London, where he lives now, completed this breathtaking compilation, with a wide range of different tracks. Percussive grooves, pounding beats, and haunting melodies are all showcased here.

There is so much going on that every time you hear this “CIRCUS” you will notice something different.  The tracks are hypnotic and sharp and lay-out a journey that is well worth repeated listens, even though it is a one-hour set. Roman Cigi’s knack for selecting and combining music that moves your mind and your soul, together with the soles of your shoes, is fully evident here.

01 Miles Dyson, Lea Luna – Hearts Under Fire (Pleasurekraft Mix)
Brandnewvibe Recordings
02 Pleasurekraft – Carny (Original Mix) Great Stuff Recordings
03 TGT – 130713 (Original Mix) Textro
04 Elay Lazutkin – Fly With Me (Original Mix) Ibz Recordings
05 Sebastien Leger – Wesh Wesh Wesh (Original Mix) Mistakes Music
06 Stacey Pullen – Circus Act (Nic Fanciulli Remix)
Blackflag Recordings
07 Caio Jardini – Belo Monte (Paulo Tella Remix) Factomania Digital
08 Doppeldosen – Keep Going (Original Mix) Raizo Muzik
09 Boom Jinx, Andrew Bayer, Csaba Lumnitzer – Keyboard Cowboys
(Jay Lumen Cowgirl Remix) Anjunadeep
10 David Amo, Julio Navas, Paco Maroto – Calling
(Amo & Navas Rework) Fresco Records
11 Simon X – Little Tango (Original Mix) Monologue Records
12 Jon Flores – Maxicosi (Original Mix) Undercool Productions
13 Arai Lazer – On Za Muse (A-Inc Remix) Carizma
14 Bryan Cox, Hazzaro – Underground (Original Mix) PPMUSIC
15 2000 And One, Sandy Huner – Tap Deux (Original Mix)
Remote Area Records
16 Many Reasons – Radiology (Max Bett Come To Daddy Remix)
Amazing Records
17 Udaye Rana – Fear (Nima-G Circus Remix) Maktub Music
18 David Amo, Julio Navas – Template (Original Mix) Fresco Records


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