P-Rawb: “SoulScape” Prod. by Big O delivers heart felt rap

“SoulScape” is the lead single lifted off the upcoming project called “The Complexity” by the artist, Patrick Roberts AKA P-Rawb. The nine track project produced by Orlando Turner AKA...

“SoulScape” is the lead single lifted off the upcoming project called “The Complexity” by the artist, Patrick Roberts AKA P-Rawb. The nine track project produced by Orlando Turner AKA Big O, for Vintage Soundz Productions and Mixed by Shane Great. The forte of P-Rawb music is the truth in his lyrics; his message. While other rappers struggle to come up with coherent and non-contradictory messages, the Philly rapper’s verses come off as knowledgeable rather than pretentious. P-Rawb, who has been rapping since 2006, has flowing to a beat down to a science. While adopting a steady soulful beat and a lyrically complex new-school style, P-Rawb never strays away from the original point of hip-hop: to spread valuable knowledge.



You may think this all sounds hyperbolic but it’s not, using rhymes can be the most effective way to make a point, and P-Rawb has mastered this technique, if we are to take “SoulScape” as current testament of his prowess.  This track has excellent vibes.

Not only does it have excellent vibes, but it has a phenomenal beat as well. Big O has molded a sonic glove to fit P-Rawb’s bars comfortably, with plenty of warm strings, sparkling pianos and a thick throbbing bass line in support of the steady percussion.

There’s so much commercialized rubbish in the industry today and it’s making it pretty hard to respect. Young rappers are only looking for money, bitches and fame. They glorify destructive thug and gangsta life which ironically is what most hip-hop artists were originally trying to escape from.

P-Rawb delivers heart felt rap after heart felt rap as he breathlessly delivers his message to anyone who will listen. There isn’t one verse on the song that doesn’t sound like it came straight from his soul. This makes the track come across as very focused.

Any fan of hip-hop should listen to “SoulScape” at some point because it provides a different look at what hip-hop has become today from a perspective you won’t normally find.

Big O

Big O

MORE ABOUT:  The artist Patrick Roberts aka P-RAWB is an emcee/producer hailing from the backyard of Philly, Blackwood, N.J. Patrick has been scripting his life since the age of 13 and has been rapping since 2006. P-Rawb who has collaborated with many artists and producers will be releasing the 9 track project “The Complexity” on July 28th .

The Producer Orlando Turner, better known as Big “O”, is an American hip hop record producer, recording and mixing engineer and DJ representing the UK. He began to make beats at the age of 13 and has been creating music ever since.

The equivalent of a traveling troubadour, Big O has moved from Birmingham, AL, to Orlando and then onto Miami, FL. Before stopping off at The Bay Area until going to Los Angeles to work on his first independent film titled “Love, Art & Celibacy.” He now resides in London, United Kingdom as he continues to further his music career.


Producer’s (Big O) Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/VintageSoundzProd/?fref=hovercard

Producer’s (Big O) Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigCapitalO

Producer’s (Big O) Instagram: @big_capital_o

Producer’s (Big O) SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/big_o_da_producer

Artist (P-Rawb) Twitter: https://twitter.com/PRAWB

Artist (P-Rawb) Instagram: @prawb & @prflix

Artist (P-Rawb) SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/p-rawb

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