Fletch: “Berserk” pumps energy both lyrically and sonically

Growing up in a family predominantly surrounded by baseball, Scott Brian Fletcher Jr. was quickly introduced to what thought to be, his carried out legacy.  With his father, Scott Brian Fletcher Sr., securing a 15 yr career in the Major Leagues, Brian had every intention to uphold the Fletcher name in the Nation’s past time.  At least those were his initial intentions and linked to his record breaking performances on the field and all the accolades coming his way – Awards like SEC All-Freshman, Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American, 1st and 2nd Team All-America, Louisville Slugger National Player of the Week were just a few that acknowledged his success.

But the music bug had already bitten and was eating its way through the diamond. After signing with the Kansas City Royals in the 18th round of the 2010 MLB draft, Brian was ready to continue on his role of play but was not fully ready to let go of his music.

Even through his time with the Chicago White Sox, Brian’s frustrations of opportunity began translating into something else, his raps.  Prior to the 2016 season, Brian decided to douse the torch of legacy to the MLB to continue forward into his music.

He linked up with producers in Atlanta and Los Angeles, dropping his first single “Terrific”.  A video followed, as did the single “Berserk”. By now Scott Brian Fletcher Jr aka Fletch, had blended his own unique EDM and Hip-hop hybrid. As talented as Fletch is with quick witted lyrics and soulful vocal execution, a lot of his success sound can be attributed to the production he chooses to rhyme on.

And the best part about Fletch is how good his voice sounds smothered on top of those blood-pumping EDM-Hop beats. “Berserk” plays testament to this captivating template – a finger snapping electronic beat, doused in futuristic synths and spaced-out vocal inflections.

The combination of one voice and one like-minded production team makes for a very clear, concise body of work, which “Berserk” definitely is. The song pumps energy both lyrically and sonically without taking a break from the adrenaline overload heard during the choruses.

If he continues to focus in making projects of this caliber and lacing his beats with this rich musical blend, it may not be a stretch before we start putting Scott Brian Fletcher Jr aka Fletch into indie’s GOAT category.

Fletch is a rare talent that deserves recognition and credit for generating momentum for his unique style. Nobody makes the EDM- Hip Hop blend sound as cool and intimidating as Fletch does. There is something very real, appealingly true, behind his lyrics. Go for a drive when you’re ready to plug this one in.

You’ll want the windows down and the bass turned all the way up. With more swagger-jackers on the rap scene, this crossover trailblazer will stay relevant in a time where hit projects will jam for a few weeks and fade as quickly as they showed up.


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