REP: “Reason Why” – empowering and brutally honest

Faith, struggles and emotional stress – the mind of author, speaker, and music artist REP is a hectic, action-packed place. The triumphant emcee always cuts to the core  of the problem he is affronting  and his latest single is by far his hardest hitting release to date – the ideas, thoughts and feelings it contains are massive, weighty things, from emotional tension to deep, dark depression. The single “Reason Why” addresses the issues of depression and loneliness along with suicide and bullying.

In light of the recent popularity of the ‘13 Reasons Why’ book and the Netflix series, REP teams up with producer RDM and visual artist Amy Cummings to encourage listeners to be a ‘reason why’ people find hope and love instead.

Jostling for attention in REP’s songs is the eternal battle between good and evil.  “Reason Why” shows REP as he uncovers the tormented, confused and heartbreaking times we humans go through at some point in our lives. Most emotional survive these circumstances, whilst others lose hope and perish, not only emotionally and mentally, but also take their lives in the process.

In his verses, REP lays down a series of reasons why living is the best choice. The current underground crowned prince of meaningful rap, we wouldn’t have expected anything less from him. There’s a lot of self-reflection going on in the track, “Reason Why” is like a stream of consciousness.

It’s empowering, brutally honest and unashamedly motivational. That’s the thing about REP, he’s not afraid to affront the scary, the unspoken and the strenuous. His music isn’t “rap” in the inane bitches-money-club-drugs way we’ve become so accustomed to hearing and it’s why he can be seen as a poet and a visionary as well as a rapper.

Intelligent, contemplative, and intricate, on “Reason Why”, REP is proving why he is one the few voices that really matters right now.

REP has often proved himself to be one of the boldest artists around, and given the talent of the artist in question, and the collaborators he has pulled in on this track, “Reason Why” proves to be just as ambitious and rewarding as any of his previous releases. But this one is lovelier in sound and deeper in sentiment.



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