Jared Wesley: “Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)” – a picturesque street view!

Jared Wesley is just all around a dynamic and poetic artist. His lyrics can be in your face and sometimes even leaving you wondering, what he really means by that. With blunt lyrics and double and deep meanings his music is always well worth the listen. Taken off the “Sides” EP, his latest boom-bap flavored single “Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)”, produced by Nova Jazz, keeps his intrinsically unique sound and technically superb vocal delivery, rather than giving into the mainstream culture.  Armed with a dizzying array of technical gifts and an auteuristic approach, Wesley just might be one of the most unique underground emcees to emerge in a while.

Despite the title, the entire track is not overflowing with total doom and gloom but there seems to be something threatening at every corner as Wesley walks us through the streets of Zone 4, where innocence faces so many external pressures – be they drugs, gang activity, or poverty, that keeping your naivety intact is close to impossible. All-round, Wesley gives us a picturesque view of his thoughts, motives and feelings about the environment he probably was or still is living in. 

Jared Wesley’s unique sound comes from the fact that for most of his childhood he listened to R&B, Soul, Alternative, and Pop music. In addition he wasn’t introduced to Hip-Hop until his early teen years and he first started making Hip-Hop music as a producer and engineer.

“Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)”“is one of the best-rapped songs you’re liable to hear this year, but it also might be the most dazzling display of vocal craftsmanship you’ll hear too. Here, Jared Wesley toys with every register of his elastic voice and blazes through double-and triple-time flows like his ordering a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

But just as impressive is that he knows how to use his technical gifts, adjusting his cadence in order to get the utmost out of every line, making sure every syllable is perfectly audible. It’s hard to get enough of such virtuosic control.

A great storyteller, Jared Wesley excels in many ways, not least his ability to select beats that fit his rapping perfectly and allow him to deliver a variety of flashy flows. The jazzy production on this track sound’s so smooth that the lyrics flow like water does around rocks.

With “Zone 4 (Mu-Tha-F*cka)”, Jared Wesley makes a record that’s not just uncompromising to radio interests, but also to uninitiated listeners across the board. It’s a completely intoxicating listen, one that proves just as easy to admire as it is to enjoy. And at the very least, it’s never anything less than fascinating.


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