Steve Ryan: “Real Time” shows flare and style!

Steve Ryan is a singer/songwriter, actor and author who enjoys connecting to people through his work.  Steve has released 4 albums, authored 4 books, co-written various other books, narrated over 100 audiobooks and has various other acting credits. He’s affiliated with multiple organizations, including being a voting member in NARAS (Grammy™ Recording Academy) and as a songwriter, he is represented by BMI.   He is also a member of the Audio Publisher’s Association, as well as an SAG/AFTRA eligible actor. Among his many song releases, Steve has an upbeat, funky dance single entitled “Real Time”, which has reached over a staggering 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Steve Ryan is a fun and creative artist. Both of those qualities are on display with this record. That he writes great songs and delivers his music with a punch, is also evident here.

Steve has a great command of many styles and an incredibly heartfelt delivery, and on “Real Time”, he takes a step back with an 80’s styled dance, funk and rock crossover, which is a totally high energy experience. But to be honest Steve’s versatility makes it nearly impossible to categorize him into one singlebox!

The only thing certain is that his songs are no brainers – so you just download them, fire up your media player and get in the mood, which in this instance is getting your dancing shoes on. Steve has the pipes, he has the moves, and his sound stretches different musical genres which explain his cross-over appeal.

But he doesn’t just cross genres. He also crosses decades. Listening to his music is like going on a journey. He has a throwback feel to his songs that makes them timeless; hence “Real Time” has an 80’s feel but a now sound.

The song shows Steve’s flare and style, and it’s a great listen in the car or around the house too, being a jaunty mix that will take your mind the traffic or you boring daily chores. This dude sounds like the whole entertainment package wrapped up in an adorable human being.

His voice is powerful, his band is tight, and the music gets you moving. It’s really hard to as much more from pop music. The worst you can do is sit back and enjoy this music from someone who loves a good sound without the fear of wandering into another genre, and is passionate about what he does.


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