“Wings” comes off one of the best Atman album projects

Born south of the City of Providence in West Warwick, Rhode Island, Atman is a Producer, Artist, and Engineer inspired by a wide variety of influences which include Frederick Chopin, James Yancey (J Dilla), and Andre 3000 of Outkast. Atman has released a many number of works and is bringing back innovation to the historically ground-breaking genre of rap music and Hip-Hop culture. Since the age of 16 Atman has been cultivating his talents and combining his passion for both the creation and technical study of sound.

His deadly combination of lyricism and soundscape offer a euphoric, yet highly energetic experience for the listener. Under the Independent Publishing/Recording Label, Spiritz Music Group, Atman brings us the single “Wings”, taken from the “Lord Of New England” album.

If you’ve heard Atman at some point over the past few years or you’ve followed him, you’ll know that his music encompasses something along the lines of…everything, as his tastes run between Florence + The Machine, Chance The Rapper, Future, Quest, Drake, & Travis Scott.

Atman swims along each of his eclectic beats like they were crafted after he laid his vocals. Nothing feels out of place. You’ll listen to some songs over again just to try and pick up on the intricacy of what Atman has put together and inadvertently catch another line he laid.

“Wings” is yet another genuinely enjoyable, masterfully mixed, amazing track. It’s hard. It’s gritty…yet minimal and smooth on the ear. It sounds like early-mid-nineties hip hop re-created for 2017. It’s Atman’s pinnacle to date, as he manages to be both beautiful and hard at the same time.

The production is set so that Atman can just speak his mind in a dead pan conversational tone. In fact the production here demands the best the Rhode Island rapper has to offer. Atman here gives us soulfulness, and seriousness, but he also able to give us a touch of playfulness, which is key for some of his music (Atman can sometimes knock you down with brutal honesty in what sounds like a lighthearted line).

Atman has a certain type of voice which is totally unique to him. His flow and wordplay is really interesting to listen to, same goes for his style of storytelling, which pretty much puts him high on the ‘best of’ list, whichever chart you’re looking at.

“Wings” comes off one of the best Atman projects I’ve heard and is another great addition to his already impressive catalogue. “Lord Of New England” is an incredible album. I strongly believe that this it will last a long time and only get better with age. So don’t just grab the single, download the entire album!


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